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A musical heart keeps the beat~
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Sapphira19 of the Nao server, at your service. I don't hang around forums often, but you can usually find me in game hiding somewhere on channel 1 :3
  • Tales of a Milletian

    Server: Nao

    (I got talked into this as usual)

    What Pets Are Really Like

    "I'm hungry!" a corgi barked.
    "Again?! I just gave you something!" came the elf's reply.
    "Where's my oats? I demand oats!" a perseus with red armor and wings neighed.
    "Hold on, Hanjiru!" the elf cried out, bringing a hand to her head in frustration.
    "There's a thorn in my paw from that Mag Mell dungeon," a red-eyed ceraunus pouted, holding one massive paw up.
    "I'll get to you in a moment, Raibyo," she answered, trying to pull a bag of oats over to the stable.
    "Sapphira!" "Sapphira!" "Sapphira!" a myriad of pet voices rang out.
    "One at a time! I'm only one person!" the elf cried out again, bustling around trying to get to each pet.
    "Sapphiraaaa, I want more foooood!" the corgi whined. Sapphira brought a hand to her head again.
    Such is the hectic life of a pet butler.

  • Pet Paradise Homestead Design Contest

    Okay...because I was talked into goes? (I am terrible with story caption stuff so...ahaha...)

    A phoenix likes to hang around the waterfall of life, where beneath the glittering trees, reminders stand to always value each moment and friend.

    It's always nice to stop and enjoy flowers, whether it's a garden or in the wild.

    A grand house with animal friends welcomes all to rest.

    Rest beside another waterfall accompanied by giant snowfield trees, bamboo, and a couple playful baby dragons. One likes to bite though so be careful!

    Everyone enjoys hanging around the pond and its cherry blossom trees. The pets love watching a good tennis match while they relax too!

    IGN: Sapphira19
    Server: Nao
  • Revitalize Mabinogi: A Classic Competitive Server!

    I think you've clearly forgotten a few things and you can flame me for this if it makes you feel better, OP.

    1. Mabinogi is not Maplestory. They are two different games with different dynamics and different developers.
    2. Everything we have in Mabinogi now was designed by DevCat with the Korean population in mind.
    3. Nexon NA cannot do anything on its own without going through Nexon KR first.
    4. If you really want your ideas considered, go talk to DevCat and Nexon KR. More than likely they'll tell you no.
  • Level 5,000 event is kind of disapointing

    I'm gonna have to side with Faye on this. Also remember with the G22 update coming soon, it has a level requirement of 5,000 so the memory update plus the celebration event works great for getting them to that point and being at least somewhat ready.

    If you're mad over not being able to get those skill learn how to be patient and grind skills like most of us have done.
  • Black bag

    I opened at least 500 of those traps during that winter fishing event.

    Not a single one gave me a black bag :3