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Little Blue Alien of Mabinogi.
  • PETITION: Remove the BOAT or FIX the blacklist!

    The harassment still continues with toxic players getting onto chairs and blocking people they don't like with their chairs. They go as far as using alts so blacklisting does nothing anyways. Can we please get a fix in the blacklist feature and chairs please.

  • Block function needs an update

  • PETITION: Remove the BOAT or FIX the blacklist!

    Negumiko wrote: »
    Just make it so the chair can't be used near a npc or personal shop. Don't let players use it in indoors areas and when you blacklist someone their chair vanishes as well. That would solve most of the problems. I rarely use my boat chair but when I do I try to make sure it is out of the way of anything important and I put it away if anyone asks me to. Some players actually like being flattened by the boat and get mad when I move it. Use your boat the right way, don't act like a drunk sailor that everyone hates.

    Chairs are meant to be shown off though. They are literally afk mounts to look cool and draw attention while your not even playing the game. But I think there needs to be a line between showing off and intentionally trying make it harder for someone to play and enjoy the game. This chair doesn't need to be removed or made smaller, it just needs some limitations on where you can use it.

    The Blacklist system needs a serious update though. When you Blacklist someone they should not be able see your character or what you type cause right now they can basically stalk you. I would like to see the Blacklist get it's own separate tab so Blacklisting players doesn't eat up space on your friends list. This way you could Blacklist 200 players and have up to 200 players on your Friends List.


    I so agree with you on the blacklist. I feel like if you blacklist someone, they should also NOT be able to see you, not on alts or anything. Make this a reality mabinogi!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • PETITION: Remove the BOAT or FIX the blacklist!

    I'm signing this petition. I agree 100% with this!
    The player that was doing this was clearly multi-clienting to do this as well.
  • Block function needs an update

    Hello everyone.

    When you block someone:
    --> Both you and the blocked player should not be able to see each other.
    --> The blocked player should not be able to send you notes/see their parties/send you mail.
    --> When you block a player, you should not be able to see their prop/chairs/pets/mini gems.

    I believe the block feature needs to be updated for these features.
    This would bring down a lot of harassment and conflict between players and reduce the amount of tickets sent in.
    There is literally no reason why this shouldn't be enabled, I don't understand any advantages of the current block system.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my request.