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  • -Freebies- ( ゚ヮ゚)

    Shaeli wrote: »
    Eh, why not? I like your art style.


    Worst thing that happens is you never get to it.
    I'll understand if you pass mine up.


    Hey! Here's a sketch for ya :> I needed a bit of a warm up and your character was quite nice to do so.


    sorry its been so long everyone, when I do sketches here I'll make sure whoever I draw has recently logged on, so I don't draw someone who will never see it again D: ! thanks for all your patience!
  • ◉ Pheo's Art Store ◉

    (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Welcome to Pheo's Art Store! ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
    ~USD Only~
    Note: All spots currently filled, will bump thread when spots open. ^^


    Hello everyone, thank you for stopping by my artsy shop!

    Many of you have been so awesome and kind to me over the past few years of my freebie threads. I love drawing you all for free, and I will definitely continue doing so here and there, on my freebie thread, but if you feel like buying a broke college kid some sushi in return for some art, I'd really appreciate ya!. ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ


    Here's what I have to offer. All prices are per character, so if you'd like multiple characters, multiply these by the number of characters. :

    Chibis (Fullbody only)


    Progress Shot (Left Image): I mean... If you really want no color, $4
    Flat Color (Center Image): $6
    Detailed Color (Right Image): $8

    More Chibi Examples From my Deviantart


    Anime Style


    Prices vary by size and by technique. See handy guide below.



    Sketch + Color Example: (Rough lines, no detailed shading.)

    Lines + Color Example: (Clean, colored lines, solid block colors)

    Full illustration Example: (Clean, colored lines with detailed colors)

    More Anime Examples from my Deviantart

    Everyone has things they just aren't very good at drawing, here is a list of mine. If you ask for any of these, please keep in mind that I am not skilled at these. I'm willing to try to get it right if you do ask for them, though!

    X Backgrounds
    X Animals or Furries
    X Manly Men™ (Basically muscles, beards, things like that.)

    But you know, if you really want me to try to do these things I'll do my best. ;u;

    I will not draw anything that is inappropriate for the forums!
    Extra Fees:

    Simple Background: Free (Like a solid colored circle or star or a pattern over a single color, include references if not easy to describe)
    Background: +$5 (Landscape or otherwise a "scene" of some sort. Keep in mind I am not good at these u_u )
    Excessive Detail: +$2 (Has to be really excessive, like a super detailed outfit paired with those crazy wings with the gears or ribbons and stuff. Something like that. Average to above average amounts of detail are fine.)

    The Process:

    1.Check the wait list to see if any spots are open.

    Note: All spots currently filled. Will bump thread when spots open ^o^

    2. Place your order by filling out this form and commenting it below! (Or you can message me here, or on deviantart)
    References: (Picture of what you want drawn!)
    Drawing Style: (Chibi or Anime, and your coloring preference.)
    Size: (Only for anime style: choose from fullbody, thigh up, or bust.)
    Extra Fees: (for detailed backgrounds, please describe in great detail or provide references!)
    Pose: (optional)
    Extra Info: (personality, background info etc. If there's a particular image you like on my deviantart, please mention it and I will replicate that style!)
    Total Price: (for confirmation in both parties. Make sure you already have this amount in your paypal, and will have this amount in the future before ordering!)

    3. If there is room on the waitlist, I will confirm your commission and begin working on it.

    4. I will send you a heavily watermarked rough sketch for approval, and then a heavily watermarked cleaner line art for approval

    5. This is where I ask for payment to continue! After final approval to go forward with the coloring, make sure to send me your paypal e-mail in a private message as well so I can send you an invoice.

    6. Once paid in full, I will color! I'll send you the final commission image in high resolution. You may still request minor changes, but not huge pose reconstructions.

    1. PM Commission 1 (B) sketch_complete_by_katherineviehl-dcgy6zp.png
    2. PM Commission 2 (M) progress_bar_by_katherineviehl-dcgy6z7.png
    3. PM Commission 3 (N) not_started_yet_by_katherineviehl-dcgy6z1.png

    Note: It will likely take me between 3-7 (or more ><) days to complete a commission, so the lower on the wait list you are, the longer it will take to get your art! Currently the waitlist is only 3 spots, but I may open more spots later if the three in progress are close to done.


    Things to remember:
    - Because of college, sometimes I may be too busy to work on commissions! The wait may be extended.-
    - If this happens, I will refuse to accept any payments if I feel I won't be able to finish the art in a timely manner. -
    - All completed images will be posted publicly on my deviantart unless you specify privacy when you order.-
    - Feel free to comment here or private message me if you have any questions! -


    See More of My Art:


  • -Freebies- ( ゚ヮ゚)

    i Hope dingi isnt too late :/

    No you're not too late! ^_^ Feel free to post a reference :3

    Also to everyone! I just wanted to post a little update for those still waiting... ouo

    I've decided I want to get back into commissions so I'll be opening a smol shop here on the forums (and also on dA) sometime after the 9th. I'm back in college again and I'm moving to a new apartment on the 7th and I should be done moving around the 9th. Since I don't play mabi anymore it'll be a PP only shop ;o;... much apologies to those hoping for gold prices... I'll try to keep pricing fairly reasonable though!

    Also! I will continue to do freebies here (But they may be wayyy less detailed than previously to focus mostly on paid work). It'll be more sporadic and random, and not necessarily in order, but I'll make sure to tag your name if I do your character!

    Thank you guys for all the love! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

  • -Freebies- ( ゚ヮ゚)

    Mizuko wrote: »
    Here is my OC if you have the time.



    (◡﹏◡✿) finally done with everyone on the first page heh. Hope you like!
  • ♥Lishia Yin's Art Shop!♥

    Bloop blop here's my side of le art trade, could not find my old program or figure out a way to make her blink sorry ;u;