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  • KR Content updates?

    I'm laughing at everyone who is getting hyped for this, like are ya'll new here or something?
  • Elves are FINALLY getting a perk/s?

    Pepper wrote: »
    Exactly my thought they gave us elves garbage again. I think they want us to quit playing. Cause I m getting close to calling it quits. Just plain garbage

    I welcome you to the club of elves who don't even play anymore but still check the forums occasionally to help complain about how elves suck at everything and humans are spoiled but keep acting like they're the real ones who need more attention.
  • Statistical Debate Forum Regarding Race Imbalance

    JoeyDee9 wrote: »
    I'll be honest I haven't read the thread so if some of this points have been brought up already I apologize. I just want to get my thoughts out there before forgetting them.

    I'm really annoyed that most of the OP class debate comes to to final hit. I know it's not the only factor but we keep touting human as best race just because of 1 skill. I don't like final hit, I like it as a skill but not it's current meta. It just rubs me the wrong way that all race arguments get dropped on the 1 skill that should have been nerfed and never was.

    With the current KR revamps we even have humans taking the worst race spot in the meta. Elves magnum+final shot with be #1 best way to do things in the future. A giants bash will be the next highest DPS with their new blunts and the semi-passive vision damage bonus. Humans will still have final hit, mediocre range, and passable magic but the two other races will actually be better than them.

    All in all, do I even play anymore? What am I doing here. ;;

    I was just going to be a forum lurker, but since joey came back from the dead I'll also come and complain.

    You can't be annoyed that people are saying humans are OP just cause of 1 skill, then proceed to say elves will be the next OP thing because of 1 skill. The new skill isn't even as flexible as final hit, and KR combat and NA combat are COMPLETELY different. If you watch any videos of KR players, they can combo and pull off things that us NA players couldn't even hope to achieve.

    Honestly they should've just tacked on the aim speed to final shot, instead of making another skill that does the same thing but better, with more constraints. With lag, animation delays, and elf lag, I'm willing to bet this new "OP" skill won't be nearly as good as everyone is making it out to be (and so far it seems only players who mainly play humans think elves will be/are fine). Honestly people need to stop thinking everything KR gets will play out the exact same way when NA gets it. (remember the "archery renovation"?)

    And you're underplaying a human's ability in archery and magic. No race has any real advantage over another for magic(unless I missed some major update, the difference between a giant mage and an elf mage is completely trivial) . And Humans, while they can't spam Mag as fast as elves, can still clear rooms faster than elves, thanks to Crash shot and AR.

    And for things like girgy raids, humans still have the best overall potential thanks to their ability to use lances, and the CD they have for support shot is HALF of that of elves.

    Even for final shot, it has a 2 second load time, compared final hit, which can be used right off the bat.

    (I also don't even play this disaster anymore)