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  • It's been a long time

    Habimaru wrote: »
    You seem to come across to me as someone who'd be more interested in some sort of at least semi-complicated real-time-strategy play rather than someone who likes to check out things like story-lines or animé-episodes (granted, they may have swerved in a possible tangent when it came to coming up with plots and story-back-grounds to explain how the new skill-sets ended up being obtained by current-Generation Milletians, etc. [and of course most of the story revolving around chasing a bunches of «Prophets» around only to escape in order to re-chase them is a lot like that one particular DBZ-Arc where nearly the whole entire series was about struggling to fight against Majin-Buu]), and even during the Halloween Brielle's Event-Story a number of people seemed to already be in an automatic «dialogue-skipping» mode (perhaps if they designed quests/boss-fights in such a manner as to where the significant clues for clearing the content were more consistently part of the dialogue then maybe people would think twice about dialogue-skipping too quickly [although I'm sure that might end up getting other types of «complaints» like «too much reading»]).

    Actually not true at all, gw2 has living story (think saga but much more grand) and I've payed attention to the whole story and even done the side stuff because it was interesting. I honestly did the same for mabi up until divine knights, because divine knights is just annoying pandering anime tropes shoved into the most generic underdog hero with a tragic background filled with guilt story I've ever seen. After that I really stopped caring because 90% of the characters are annoying and the ones that aren't are just barely tolerable. I prefer games that take skill into consideration over mindless gear grinds and have a fair bit of depth to them.
    Wolfsinger wrote: »
    I've never actually tried runescape, it just looked about the same as any other across the it actually any good?

    Going to give you a very tentative yes. There's 2 version, old school and runescape3. Runescape 3 is the most aggressively monetized game I've ever seen, and has so many issues mabinogi looks flawless, so avoid rs3.
    Do you want a game with good world building, lots of quests that don't hold your hand and a fair level of complexity that you're willing to play casually? Yes it definitely is. The community is awful. Someone asking you to follow them? They're trying to scam you. Trade you? They're trying to scam you. Ask you pretty much anything? They're trying to scam you. Do something in game? They're trying to scam you. Pretty much every interaction with random people is someone trying to scam you in some form. The endgame community is very elitist and very toxic, and you guessed it... Full of scammers.
  • It's been a long time

    Habimaru wrote: »
    If you «get» to «bash» Nexon/community then those who feel like it also «get» to «bash» your oh-so-sacred DE FACTO «gov» institutions.
    Hellkaizer wrote: »
    Hey I'm bashing nexon and mabinogi/it's community over here stop turning the thread into some tinfoil hat garbage.

    Sure, but do it in off topic, this is still mabinogi specific chat.
  • It's been a long time

    Crims wrote: »


    You know we hate these threads. These reactions are warranted. If I leave this game I will tell my friends in-game and that's it. No stupid good bye threads or whining about bleep we already know. It's pathetic and annoying.

    I missed you too
    Habimaru wrote: »
    So be it. I find it strange that you mention that there is actually more «strategy» now, and that «end-game» is now «more interesting» compared to «old-school» end-game (I might agree with this to an extent), yet, you also simultaneously say that the game is also «outdated»
    Better doesn't = good though, keep in mind. I do think it's better than it ever has been, but it's still not good.
    Sebastian wrote: »
    Aside from that, I don't understand the whole idea that if you're truly gonna leave you'd say nothing. At least in my personal experience, people saying they're leaving meant they were leaving. And we've seen popular names around here disappear when they said they would. Y'all onto some low-key gaslighting... probably with a hint of denial. Seriously! There's like, 4 more stages of grief afterwards! Pick a new one!

    I said I was done with the forums aside from complaining about vip 2 years ago and that's it. *shrug* usually when people say they're leaving they're doing it to give themselves some sort of closure on something personally important to them.
  • It's been a long time

    Habimaru wrote: »
    I need to come back to this since there is still apparently some misunderstandings, but I will accept fault for it as I did get a bit «lazy» with my «lolsweep» reference, rather than actually getting in-depth into what I mean about strategic; I don't reference «Strategic» solely in terms of having only 3-4 skills to pseudo-RPS with, but the fact that we're not really required to do much «timing» with our skills any more, due to fights now being more about «spamming» whatever your highest-damage attack/skill just happens to be;

    Sure, they have Girgashies which require «timing» but have «pigeon-holed» it into a specific three-combo skill-set, rather than say updating «Defense» into one where if everyone was equipped with a Shield, and they all loaded Defense together with their Shields in proximity (similar to Fusion-Bolt), or even the Magic-Shields from the Magic-Tab, then a special-effect could be created from it (e.g.: whole entire PT loaded Defense could cause in impenetrable Dome-Shield to manifest and as long as PT-members remain within said dome for its duration they take no damage [or at least significantly reduced] from any physical-attack, and another version for Magic-Attacks, and another Hybrid-Version, etc).

    And yes, the Boss of Sidhe sometimes requires you to get out of the way, lest you be hit with a gigantic explosion and have your movements slowed, which I think is at least alright to help make the battle a bit more interesting, but attacking it is still mostly about just spamming whatever your «highest DPS» particular available skill is for the duration of the majority of the battle.

    Also, lots of the newer-content spawns have plenty of high-grade prot/def, and in thinking about how I was going to respond, I remembered that I am a fairly big fan of debuffs; in fact, for most games I have ever been active on where debuffs exist, I will usually stack as absolutely many «debuffs» as I can on whatever I happen to be fighting, and there is a browser-game where the «EX-Abilities» that I set for all of my Party-Configurations is usually always going to be a Defense-Debuff. Currently, there is not much in the way of «debuffing» beyond Brionac, and just plain «Piercing» weapons. With «debuffs» being introduced (beyond Brionac) it might bring an incentive to those Veteran-dungeons (although probably not since most-likely people will more-likely use it for raid-spamming and periodically for spamming AAHM or other such dungeons).

    Anyway, they could still introduce a «timing» factor, and I think it is good and healthy for combat-mechanics (as well as interesting) to allow for there to be some form of telegraphing what the opponent is about to do so that you can prepare your next most-effective move in anticipation. How so ? I have my own ideas, although I am not going to get too detailed (describing/explaining and typing this stuff out takes time after all), they could design the «mobs» in such a way or at least add in a «weak-point» where, with an indicator to help players «telegraph» when to «time» a particular skill (or sequence of skills), similar to those Nightmares changing colours, a brief icon with a 321 count-down could display next to (or above) the «mob» and leave a 2-3 second window for specified skill (or specific element-type attack) that not only guarantees a «critical» attack but simultaneously lands various status-debuffs.

    Yes, I know there are similar things that occasionally trigger with certain spirit-weapon configurations, but those are dependent upon Proc-Percentages, and not so much about the «timing» of when you used your particular skill against any particular target in question.

    Anyway... this probably warrants creating a thread eventually titled something like...: «What does "Strategy" mean to you ?»
    Hellkaizer wrote: »
    -snip- (regarding battle-system, end-game, etc)
    Helsa wrote: »

    That's the nature of combat PvE games from the get-go. At the end-of-game, in all games, the tactical approach to combat is much more limited than at the beginning. In the beginning, cleverness and patience make a difference, in the end it's all just about power; of course that's boring.
    Habimaru wrote: »
    When the «combat-system» was «revamped» they definitely should have designed it to maintain some sort of strategic mechanics that would have perhaps delved upon the pseudo-rock-paper-scissors style combat-system to where the more-difficult opponents would have had even more pseudo-rock-paper-scissors style counter-measures where the counter-skills were multi-layered instead of simply...

    Yes, the current combat-system will get «boring» for many people after a while, namely because the result is just turning targets into what are essentially «punching bags» and not so much doing any interesting form of combat or doing choreograph-style combat-sequences

    This is part of the issue I have with the game/community in general. End game is far more interesting because you have all the tools in a set to fix a problem, instead of looking at a broken sink and going "I have some gum, a bent fork and some half used tape" you have a full professional way to fix it. Both are really fun and have all their own perks, but lets not pretend that the game is more complex when you don't have half the skills in the game. As far as old mabi combat goes no, it wasn't more strategic because anything that wasn't windmill was basically garbage. Old mabi combat was bad, is bad, and is outdated. The Pserver is a perfect example, it's super super dead even though people constantly go on about how much better old mabi was. End game is much more mechanically intense, between elite techs and hasidim but it loses its charm when you feel like you're grinding for no reward.
    Habimaru wrote: »
    I think there is a misunderstanding here... combat-system changed from being strategic to being focused too much on lol1shoteverything with lolsweep, creating an extreme imbalance amongst the skill-sets (when things get that «imbalanced» ...everyone ends up being forced to use pretty much the same techniques/strategies in the end).

    There definitely is a misunderstanding here because chain sweep isn't a very good skill in the end. It has a resource management tied to it, it's an animation lock, and it's super slow, compare that to the almost 0 CD kunai storm on an ego 100 erg 50 shuri, it's not even a comparison to make the ninja skill set blows chain out of the water. Between KS spam, instant load sakura abyss and crits resetting the CD of the skills... Even magic with all the issues it has is the best skillset for clearing alban heroic SS. I feel like a lot of misunderstanding comes from people not understanding what the meta is. Again, it's not a bad thing either most people don't care and that's fine but it makes having conversations about game state impossible. Even alchemy though it requires erg45 ego100 at the bare minimum is an insane and one of the only reliable ways to clear feth fiada elite, and probably the best way to clear most of kraken.

    Edit: got off topic, not the point of this thread. Anyway the game feels dated regardless and hasn't been fun for a while and we're not getting anything to do for at least 8 months, and the power creep from gacha stuff lately has been insane.

    I'm not trying to be dismissive but if people on these forums actively did any of this content, most of this discussion wouldn't be held.

    as for new mobs yeah that's part of why the game feels stale. Remember when only bosses had heavy stander and other similar skills? Now every single mob is basically Immune to all forms of cc, has all 3 stander+ skills and 3,000,000 hp. Vet dungeons are one of the biggest disgraces the games ever faced it's not new content, it's old content with 200x hp that gives a single gem as a reward.
    GretaRadiant Dawn
  • It's been a long time

    Greta wrote: »
    I pretty much lost passion for this game. I can't make myself to continue G24 and pretty much other quests that relates to newest generation. Everything looks tedious and boring to me, i can't find anyone to play with and it's really hard for me to WANT to do anything there. I have no idea what to do at this point, but i still love this game.

    I didn't even start g24. It doesn't offer anything except several hours of super tedious fetch quests. I'm finding that I don't love the game, so much as I treasure the memories and friends I've made along the way, and it's because of this that I'm deciding enough is enough. The last year has been me trying really hard to keep interest, but it just isn't there. Between the lag and constant headache that playing is it's just not worth it.