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  • Can we please have the VIP update?

    Seeing as we're almost in Q2 of the year, and soon 2019 (as I'd take it) would be in Q1. I was hopeful that the 12 hour maint would at least address this but it seems to have been swept under the rug.
  • What a joke. I want a refund, seriously.

    Gaea wrote: »
    I knew it! Yall paid millions up the ass for NOTHING.

  • What a joke. I want a refund, seriously.

    Ruinitive wrote: »
    I can't believe a simple idle animation is going for that much and I doubt most people only bought the gacha for it. I think asking for a refund is a bit silly, when I first saw it I assumed it was going to be reparable only by a quill like every other book. Hopefully they update it to have other repair means or add the quill as a craftable item eventually. I wouldn't have a problem with the quills being the only repair means if they weren't gacha only.

    Barehanded stance hit 50m at one point, and twohanded hit 75m. Something significantly better than any wand off hand you can get with a sought after idle would entirely be something people gacha for. I'd still have an issue with quill being the only fix because 50% success rate, but if it was advertised as that right at the start it'd be different.
    AlexisEU wrote: »
    I too am disappointed it cannot be repaired.
    Hellkaizer wrote: »
    Anyone who did this gacha with the intention of receiving this item was just baited with false information and should FULLY be refunded any gacha they bought.
    Was it advertised as repairable? not counting data mining.

    All the other spell books say (Not repairable, or dye-able) at the end, this book doesn't which would imply that you can repair it.
  • What a joke. I want a refund, seriously.


    This just isn't acceptable. I'm normally pretty lenient with things, but this time I'm pretty pissed off. Anyone who did this gacha with the intention of receiving this item was just baited with false information and should FULLY be refunded any gacha they bought.

    I've been waiting for something like the Holy eagle mask, because the eagle mask is ugly as sin. This book has an amazing design, and an amazing idle but is now next to worthless because it's only fixable using an item that is gacha exclusive, and will just shred the durability on it thus removing the point of it having an idle in the first place. I bought it as soon as the servers launched for 30m, I'd like that, and the stack of gacha I bought trying to get it refunded.

    Oh yeah, I also see the messages supreme sent in the announcement chat about it being fixed, and repairable by normal means have been deleted too.
  • Glorious Briogh Crystals

    Algates wrote: »
    Any idea how to get ones hands on these?

    I'm assuming they drop from the advanced Tech Duinn missions. However, while I haven't tried Revived Illusion on adv, Feth Fiada on adv seems super hard. 20k damage on zombies is possible using chain impale with proper BFO, bone chips, and crit but it's not fast enough for the hallway. Although we didn't get that far because of the zombies, I also hear the gate does crazy amount of damage.

    For anyone who completed either of the two missions on advanced, what would be your advice?

    Can't get those until next difficulty comes out. Capped at level 7 for now