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  • How to play like Dark Souls?

    Why does every single game or mention of difficulty always relate back to dark souls? FFS monster hunter world got called "The dark souls of monster hunter games" when even after all the updates it's still the easiest game in the series, and LITERALLY NOTHING LIKE DARK SOULS. If dark souls 4 ever comes out people gonna be saying "Dark souls 4 is the dark souls of the dark souls series"
  • Looking for Advice on Running Rabbie Phantasm

    Wolfsinger wrote: »
    Alshian wrote: »
    Wolfsinger wrote: »
    Alshian wrote: »
    This...will take ya hours, my little lamb

    I know. Won't be the first time. Feels kinda like trying to run Peaca again while being under 1k with almost no real fighting skills whatsoever. Just pure grim determination, all this poor kid had XD Almost made it though.
    Thanks for the info, its appreciated. Looking through the wiki and videos gives me some ideas but its nice talking to people who've run it - or have a better idea since I'm still getting back into the game - as well.

    @Veylaine ah joy. Back to the enchanting board XDD
    Thanks, I'm gonna need it! You all are talking like I'm banging on Hel's gates! XD

    No prob I like to give ya info if I can, the wiki is just to show ya good ways to gain dex or other stats if you wish as for running things, meeting players who had done it before is a nice idea for tips and tricks :3

    Just don't let the awful players who just say "Get Gud" or "LOL your crazy" instead of actually giving info like at all....

    Hope this helps in a long run for ya :3

    Thank you, I've gotten a lot of info from this already. Already kind of had an idea, but now at least I have something more solid to work for XD

    And yeah, people will be people, but hey! I got all the best here so its all good :) Thanks!

    Alalarose wrote: »
    @wolfsinger which verieant of phantasam are you planning on running? either way you are going to need to buff your archery like crazy, but best of luck

    I mean, potentially both, starting at Mirror and then conquering Phantasm eventually. I'm kinda prepared for a long-suffering grind for frustrations and tears XD
    Everyone does seem to be pushing archery though, is that really the best weapon to use?

    Normally, it takes years to be where I am, at an unholy level of 18k. In today's time? Not sure.

    This should be obvious, but do numerous runs in a group to attain the actual finesse to solo it. You'll be able to familiarize yourself with the enemy gimmicks.

    Joy yes, I remember when leveling and getting AP used to be the hardest thing in the world XD
    GTCvActium wrote: »
    With Phant, particularly the actual run, not the mirror, the battles are not grind fests. Battles in each room of the dungeon need to be short and decisive, in a battle of attrition against them, you will lose. If you run in a party, then you will fair much better, but you have to keep up the momentum, if you lose that, you'll find that the mobs will quickly overwhelm you and your party.

    As for must have skills, unless you have a VERY strong attack that can kill a mob in a few hits, you'd want sand burst. Blinding them, particularly magic enabled mobs will buy you time to prepare a heavier attack or support a party mate (or reinforce your defenses/attack if you're alone). Shock is also a good skill to have to stun them and break up attacks like the wraith's fireball, but the succubus use snap cast so they can bypass shock stun. Phant requires preparations, unless you're super strong, prepare everything you need before hitting the orb, things like making sure your potion stock is good, you have BFO running, mana shield and your mana is at proper levels, etc. There are plenty of things to consider, but for the most part, you should consider running it many times with a party first to get an idea on what to expect and how to counter certain things.

    Seems I've a lot of grinding to do XD Oh well, that's expected. Least I already started to practice alchemy, so I'm on my way there.

    My main problem with running things in a group is my wifi is a traitorous son of a motherless goat most days, and if it weren't for the revamp where dungeons will let you back in under a certain time, I wouldn't be able to run anything to completion most days. Unless Phantasm/Mirror World is one that will let you jump back in, it's a coin toss for me. If it screws me, myself and I over, then I'll be frustrated as heck and out a few bucks, but at least I don't have to apologize to a few people for potentially screwing them over as well.
    So unless it is a dungeon where I can jump back in, I'd rather keep chancing solo, unless I can find some very forgiving people XD

    you can only re enter phantasm 3 times, and sometimes you need to do that if you mess up so running it on unstable internet might just lead to frustration and nothing else. However if you're an elf archery is best
  • Blaanid's Flower Box Stamp Quests

    so this kinda just looks like something you ignore and play normally, just open the book and get your loot every so often. I know the boxes have dragon materials, but it's probably at a stupid low drop rate
  • Hair Availability Update

    MIIU wrote: »
    I agree with you there, its sad because thats also the reason why people stop playing and new players stop playing cause of the selection of style for creating a creator.
    I come back just to see if they change it but still no change I guess I'll come back in 2020 to see any change.. if the game last that long.

    uh new characters can pick any premium hair style that isn't a coupon. Any premium feature actually.
  • This is Now My Girl