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  • The BEST light armor?

    Gaea wrote: »
    Sgiathach wrote: »
    go Languhiris Chaser Armor go attack speed for faster fh attacks you do not need the extra def


    G22 gives a passive that offers 500 def, and another that offers like 30 prot, stats on armor is pretty irrelevant, and attack speed set is not. Go langu, only go pihne if you plan on making a Jblade set.
  • [WARNING KR SPOILERS]Giant Update (if we get it?)

  • VIP/Premium half price sale is on

    Gaea wrote: »
    VIP update when...?

    katherz said that the vip sale is the length it is for "a reason" is it vip update or is mabi shutting down? Find out next month!
  • [WARNING KR SPOILERS]Giant Update (if we get it?)

    Intimacy wrote: »
    Azurexrin wrote: »
    . My point is that humans aren't absolutely useless endgame with an LC on DM'd boss 0 prot being 100k~500k every 5 seconds, and impales at 100k~200k every x second vs FH being like 15k~40k.

    You've never run anything endgame, that right there shows that you're talking without experience. Humans aren't fhing for damage anymore, they are 100% utility with brio. Lance charge may work properly on the sidhe bosses, normal bosses you'd be lucky to break 100k since even with brio shaved prot most endgame bosses still have quite a bit of it. There's also no way you're landing 100-200k impales, those kinds of numbers are sandbag damage when you're given SS DM and Rage impact and a full chain impale set, no one is casually 200king endgame bosses with impale, that seems like you saw something on kr and started talking about it without actually seeing under what conditions it could be done. Meanwhile giant smash/bash and elf mag will actually be launching 100-150k damage and launching it much faster.

    Now, humans can either FH and brio to make every single elf and giant do substantially more damage, which means things die faster, or they can do 100k lance charges every 5 seconds? One option is the stronger option by far. I'd love to see you attempt purification missions without a brio slave.
    Just because humans can hit okay numbers under XYZ conditions, doesn't mean that it's actually worth it, in most cases a brioslave human will make the entire run go faster, because that is their most important contribution to the party. Their damage doesn't matter as long as they can fh with brio. That's the exact issue with endgame humans, no endgame human denies it and they all joke about it. When you're in an endgame guild that actually runs this content daily you tend to get familiar with all the endgame players running stuff.

    It really doesn't look like anyone in this thread knows anything about how endgame content works.

    Damn dude, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. You got any screenshots to back up what you're claiming?
  • [WARNING KR SPOILERS]Giant Update (if we get it?)

    Froglord wrote: »
    Hellkaizer wrote: »
    Froglord wrote: »
    Aside from this; Human FH gets severely nerfed, and dual weilding is supposed to knock-down mobs now.

    This is probably punnishment for failed berserker status 2h fh spam btw.


    Should clarify on my part. This is just FUD, Human fh is better after this.

    No, it really isn't.

    After 6 hits, the mobs get knocked back, become temp invuln to any further attacks, and you have to switch to another target to keep your momentum going. This wastes the FH duration, and you're basically kiting enemies to your weak little human who can't tank while endlessly knocking down mobs as if you were using a 2h sword.


    that statement was only for 2h, dual wield isn't being changed. Giant FH is also slower and less damage.