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  • Excited for the Halloween Gacha?

    Arjune wrote: »
    Sherri wrote: »

    Good lord, that's completely ridiculous. Wouldn't it be better just to.. -looks up at the quote chain- .. who the heck would pay over 200m on a sword?!

    he's probably meaning that he spent 10 mil to cover 200m worth of fees over time. enchants make fees high but they are worth it for the dmg output

    Unless it's a bow, bow enchants are terrible. Paying x fees for less than 10 max...
  • Idea of Change [Stats/Ability]

    We already have that in the form of reforges and enchants. Someone fully invested into puppets their reforges and enchants will outdamage be by a lot if I were to use regular max damage setups. The problem is more that the skill sets aren't equal, less people being unique. Unfortunately this right here
    but makes it more unique per individual (unless they follow a guide).

    will be what happens. Someone will figure out the right distribution to give the most dps possible, then everyone would use that and you'd have less diversity.
  • It was long

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    The irony there is beautiful. ~ Considering I spend less time on this forum than anyone else using it.

    Posts: 2,367


    You know the goodbye forums thread was an attempt to draw attention so we could have more of an open discussion with our GMs about the moderation and handling in general of our forums. I'll take my slap on the wrist and move on, as I'm hopeful for the future. You were all up in arms about how the bans are justified because they were acknowledged by the people who got the punishments. You intentionally tried to bait several people, and even sided with the mod(s) to an extent, but now that you received a warning for taking things too far suddenly there's now a rogue gm out to destroy the forums? You can pass judgement but the second you receive it the world is wrong.

    You seriously need to work on how you word things, and get your point across if you can't see why people react how they do to you. It's really not right to criticize someone for deleting their posts, when you delete your game account (supposedly.)
    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    If passing out permanent scars on the oldest accounts in the game for stupid things, such as telling people there are better ways to deal with troll-gms, is your plan to increase revenue and population on Mabinogi, I wish you loads of luck. I entered the discussion arena after two trolls were trolled by a troll. I was not the beginning nor will I be the end of this fiasco. -- It was nice knowing all of you the past 12 years.

    I'm in the same situations, I probably have one of the older accounts as well, and have been here a very long time. We're attempting to get a more open policy or at least an explanation as to why these forums are treated the way they are.
  • Goodbye Forums...?

    Sebastian wrote: »
    Buffalos wrote: »
    Well the ninjas are all GM forum accounts(you can hover over the EDITED @ TIME text to see who did the edit), so it's not like Nexon is picking random people to do it. Honestly DMs would work great, but that would require the ninjas to stop being ninjas, though they never should have been hidden in the first place.

    Basically this, or some new system that's essentially just a DM session between the accused and the GMs

    I feel like we're walking a thin line on the forums sometimes. Criticism should be welcomed as long as its constructive, and I'm worried where things are heading now are going to lead to anything remotely negative being ban worthy or being ninja'd out. So like, saying whoever designed g21 should be fired isn't constructive at all, but making a suggestion such as "I think tagar hits too hard, and the attack is a little too fast. The speed of the attack should be slowed a bit, or give a larger window to react to make it more enjoyable as a storyline" that's constructive.

    Maybe I'm making a mountain out of a molehill who knows.
  • Excited for the Halloween Gacha?

    Veylaine wrote: »
    idk about other people but last years halloween gacha was a 1.5k NX summoning urn ( waaaay cheaper than normal ones ) and gave out potent shadow crystals, any gachas with shadow crystals is a win in my book.

    It's not in my books. Everyone constantly goes on about inflation then supports actual inflation. Same with events that give gold. Refined are nice but potents are not.