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December 18, 1986
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You don't stop playing cause you get old. You get old cause you stop playing.
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I am the toast.
  • Weekly Loc Discussion: Most disliked NPC?

    I've got four I pretty much hate.
    1. Walter - whats up with his attitude every time I talk to him. Like sheesh. I just need a music scroll Walter calm down.
    2. Bruillen - Leave AVELIN ALONE!
    3. Millia - Again with the tude. I get teenage angst but dang. I didn't ask to turn into a demon and I didn't ask akule to "help" me. I use the term help lightly.
    4. Prolly not intended but Morrighan. She shows up right after Mores dies to save ME but she couldn't show up two minutes earlier to save him? SHE'S A GODDESS! She fails and I have fired her.
  • Ruairi is pronounced Rory

    My friends and I gave up on the pronunciations of things as well. Ruairi is Roo Are Eee. Tailtean is just Tail. Tir Chonail is Toenail. Gas Glabheanlkshflshf Is just Gibby. Shadow realm Glas is Gibby 2 and Girgashy is oftened refered to as Gibby 3 cause lazy.
  • Real Talk: The Gender Imbalance in Mabi

    Actually I'm a girl but I dispair that lack of outfits with pants. Guys get all the good ripped jeans and chains and girls get nada and don't get me started on the male only Hagi tail while girls get stuck with the stupid (IMO) Raccoon Anju outfit. So honestly I am a girl and have the opposite problem of you. I'd rather have more pants and less skirts as I don't like them IRL and don't wanna wear them in a game either.
  • Partners Please!

    I would love for partners of some type to come back. I started while the William sale was going on but had no idea what a partner was or what it did so I didn't buy one. Since figuring it out I definitely want one. Who's with me?
  • OMGOSH! Shopping Bags!!!!!

    I really really hope we get these outfit bags! I love the female outfit so much already.