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  • Attendance Check Event

    Create your own socially-distanced wedding with a gathering of at most 10 people

    Also - great, like there aren't enough piles of alts afking around dunby already
    Radiant Dawn
  • Playful Puzzle Returns!

    Psh, it would be great if all returning events came back with the unused remaining balance from last time.

    I had odd numbers of summer coins and vacation coins that I couldn't buy anything with and those were just deleted. Why even delete them? Just let us keep them and spend them next time. It's not like we didn't earn those coins.

    If we get to keep the rollover puzzle pieces and they rerun this event repeatedly, someday we might even be able to watch someone complete a 3 month event on the first day, which would be so entertaining that I wouldn't even be mad about it.
    SherriWolfsingerRadiant DawnCaterexMusicat
  • Connous Beach Vaca - Magic Piece 5 ???

    The EXP gained is based on how much EXP it would take to get to 100% at your current level. Since higher levels cost more exp, 100% of the exp required at lower levels will only fill subsequent bars less and less the higher you go.

    It takes 400exp to go from level 1 to level 2, so you gained 3500% of 400exp. That's 14,000exp, just enough to reach slightly above level 10.

    If you had used it at level 150, you would have gained 3500% of 2,224,000exp, or 77,840,000exp. If I haven't miscalculated, this would have gotten you to level 175 (note that this is 25 levels, not 35).

    This is less noticeable with smaller exp fruits/magical pieces like 25%-300% since the exp required doesn't change as much over those small ranges.

    At any rate, it's much easier to gain 14,000exp than 77 million exp, so you're better off reserving the pieces for when you've reached as high a level as you can stand to earn via normal grinding.
  • More stackable items please

    Why do we need higher stacks of dead bees?


    I would still like Fireball/AR/Ice Spear/etc pages to be stackable someday, but the current stacking update is a huge relief as it is.

    Sherri wrote: »
    but.. but.. i like stacky cake...

    its memory match that gets me riled up

    Yea I don't bother with beach memory match
    I can do it, I played it daily during the candy event... but for some reason it's extra slow and laggy on the beach. At least the other minigames can be afked through.

    I've noticed that if a lag-inducing player is nearby, the dye minigame also becomes unplayable. Sometimes I start the minigame and then run away from the beach. There's an immediate improvement on how fast the game plays. (Unfortunately I can't run off with the memory match window too or else I'd be doing that every time)