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  • Felt cute, might RB for the first time in 4 years

    Coughs up dust

    Hey kids, remember Beta?
  • Why do you play Mabi?

    I've recently started playing Mabinogi again after a long while.
    Back in those days I didn't explore much of the content I wanted to, and so I decided to get far this time.
    I also never obtained the weapon I wanted most, the Tethra haha. I keep naming things in other games after it.
    Obtaining Tethra will be my side endgame goal.
  • How many more years do you think Mabi has left?

    I'm somewhat surprised it lasted this long and then again I'm not.
    Mabinogi is a very unique game and had a strong following in its early years. This makes a strong fanbase.
    But a strong fanbase will still dwindle if the devs won't spice things up now and then.
    Here's my opinion on what might've been good and bad for Mabinogi.

    Things that may kill Mabinogi:
    More gear in gachas, no server merges, making the game easy mode(again).
    Gachas: Cool clothes and weapons in gachas are okay, but every new gacha seems to hold ALL of the new equipment.
    Maybe spread some of that around an NPC shop or something? Make it a very hard set to tailor or blacksmith?
    Server population: It's no mystery, and we can't ignore it. Mabinogi's population has decreased.
    How about we decrease the amount of channels or even servers we have?
    And empty game isn't going to look too pleasing when the game is about socialality.
    If you can't find anyone in this type of game people will leave.
    Easy mode game: I agree that this is good to a point, But I'm getting tons of AP with no effort compared to gen 14 and below. And it keeps getting easier.
    If the game gets anymore like this I'll even leave. Easy game no effort = no feeling of accomplishment = why play if I didn't earn much of it?

    Things that may save Mabinogi (or atleast make it past the 5 year mark):
    Different ways to bring back the "social" aspect that Mabinogi grew on, some type of endgame content, an optimization people have been asking for
    Bringing back social: Outside of dungeons and other raid type activities, the social aspect drops a lot.
    Sure go to dunny and talk, but where's the social activities ?
    The devs creating the MusicQ was amazing. But that's music, not everyone does that. Some events also do it right.
    So right that I believe some should actually stay ingame. Doki Island, carnival events, and others like these should be around more often.
    Doki would be nice to always visit, along with all it has to offer, And carnivals would be amazing during weekends.
    Perhaps even revamping old social aspects of the game. Make campfires worth huddling around again. Stat boosts while near them would be great.
    PvP is sorta dead outside of 1v1 battles in dunbarton. I would say take old pvp arenas out, put a new, "official" large scale PvP arena ingame. Give it features like 1v1s, large scale GvG, Free for all, or even tag-team.
    It would draw a good amount of people and would make a good type of endgame for some.
    Optimization and updates on older content: Mabinogi is old. But it still gets new content often. This is good. But what about when the game was just starting?
    The older stuff starts to look out of place I would think. Old grass textures from 2006 next to my shiny G20 armor. Sure is weird IMO.
    People have been suggesting a bit of an overhaul on visuals for some time now.
    Their right to think this. A company called Blizzard once did this to their game and the playerbase loved it.
    Ofcourse I can see why this is also hard for the devs of Mabinogi to do this.
    Their game is many several times smaller than WoW, but Mabinogi's team is many many several times smaller than Blizzards.
    It's really up to them on what they want to focus on. And a dying game may not be worth it to them anymore.
    Then again I don't know much about their income or the state of their main Japan server health.
    But hey I'm not saying to go all out and revamp it all. Maybe reskin a few shoes, put some detail in old gloves.
    Possibly enhance a few floor textures and trees? Have you compared Morgant to Awakening Tarlach?

    So yeah there you go. As the game is now I'd give it a little less or a little more than 4 years before it starts to really dwindle severely.
    When that time comes I would totally be onboard for a game sequel. Mabinogi 2 WAS heading in the right direction. But the game-type was just very off, and no one liked it.
    It's best to know why a game was popular to begin with.
  • AP training... too grindy

    Cool satire thread.