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  • Why do you play Mabi?

    First time I found it... it was already around G3 in NA, tried it for a week with a friend and we totally loved it, I think at that time was the ability of playing our own music that seduced us, but we were from Europe so it was just that week that we played. Then we waited an eternity as we read rumours that it would make to Europe eventually and it happened. We played lots there but that awful management they had just killed the game for us. When we started in NA again was super refreshing, game was back to be what we wanted to play all day long. Then I just kept playing and playing, meeting new people, having good and bad experiences and eventually I met that one person that changed my life forever. So if I think about it... I think I just played it for many years just cus it felt good even during bad times. Now sadly I don't have too much time so I play it extremly casually but the world of Erinn is sort of the place that I always can come back and feel like home.
  • Naco commerce event

    If the sheeps are the problem they really should delete them just like they did in the past with that white bear that was gonna be free and since some people got it like one day before? they deleted everybear. Just to be consistent with how they acted in the past. I personally don't care if someone got 2 sheeps, not like they gonna break anything with one sheep more than the rest xD
  • 10th Anniversary Player Video Submission

    Greta wrote: »
    Lol. Not a chance for me. Because i suck talking in english, i'm too shy to show my gremlin face and also have no idea how to make a proper video. I don't even have decent equipment to make one. I think...

    My case too. My spoken English is not exactly the best, I would look awkward all the way cus too shy and I don't think I could pull a nice 45secs max video... :(
    [Deleted User]
  • Acquiring Chain Slash skills

    I think it's ok to have to work for skills, I even remember the hard grinding I did for my AR pages back in the day and all but this time quests aren't even "newbie friendly" while the talent shows on the tab with talents recommended for beginners and I find that as an extremly wrong decision.
    Also whatever is the rates for crystals and pages, it feels like way harder and more random than all the magic pages etc. Also the fact that Baltane missions are for level 60+ and things like having to give the outfits to the squires in a concrete day (some people plays only the weekends for example) just adds up to how it sorts of feel like they made it harder than it should really be and no, I'm not asking for it to be go, hit a mob and get your drop (which can actually happen lol).
    Overall and even with all the cons, I actually have fun with this new talent but... just that, the talent. Eiren's story was nice to read and all but quests for skills are just plain annoying, regardless how doable they can or can't be.
  • So, When Was the Last Time you Used "Skill" Key

    That actually got me lost for 5 minutes until I saw Rua wasn't giving me any special conversation and then I remember the old Mabi times... I hope people that's not used to that has a faster brain than mine to realize how to get that part done :s