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  • Returning to Mabinogi

    I think it's best to give it try and judge by yourself since there's sometimes negativism when people asks this sort of questions.
    The game surely has changed a whole lot if we look back at how it was 5-7 years ago.
  • Attendance Event

    Arogwen wrote: »
    Since upon logging this seems different than I assumed from reading the event posting...
    So, you need to stay logged in for however long you want the points for and only then do you hit 'get stamp'?
    From reading the event posting I assumed you had to collect the stamp and then stay logged in however long...A small but important difference.

    That's the reason why I got only 5 points today. They should bother explaining events PROPERLY AND CLEARLY but that sounds like a wild idea here.
    [Deleted User]
  • This has been bugging me for a while now but..

    They probably forcing all this mabi-themed avatars so they don't have to worry about people using inappropiate pictures... or that's what I think after so many months :S
    I agree we need more variety of mabi characters if they keeping everything as it is tho!
  • Hypothetical Question Time!

    For a webcomic... Seeing Reno, Vay and Tion go on adventures or the squires taking on any mission the milletian sends them to sounds good to me :D
    Also maybe more about the aces, Merlin and Treasure Hunter were sort of fun to see together in action ^^''
  • Blast from the Past - Angel Wings

    Since there're many other wings and way newer ones, it's not that bad that the older ones start becoming more common and their price go down. It's a good chance for not-so-rich people to get them ^^''
    Greta[Deleted User]