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  • Lake Neagh Finishing

    Passing Lake Neagh a few times I saw a sign saying Fishing prohibited after dark. So obviously I hosted a Guild Mini-Event there a few nights ago in game. Even with several people fishing at the lake we never encountered anything crazy or out of the ordinary while fishing at night.

    Is there anything special we need to do to catch whatever is in the lake? If so can we be given instructions on how to fish it? Please don't spoil the surprise of what we're trying to fish!!!

    Thanks for the help :D
  • Player Moderators

    An example of how PMods are used in other games can be found on PMods have a silver identifier and while all their mutes are effective immediately I believe a notification is sent to the game's GM (JMod in Runescape's example) and they quickly skim over the reports and decide if they're just or not.

    I didn't mention any specifics because I feel like the system needs to be modified heavily by Mabi's GMs to end up helping them in the best way possible for their individual circumstances.
  • Let's Return Mabinogi To Its Prime.

    If you'd like an opinion from a new player I have a few ideas...

    1) I never knew Mabinogi existed before my friend invited me. Maybe spend a bit more advertising it.
    2) Mabinogi looks terrible, put plain and simple, the Graphics are clearly the original to the game. I know while most Veteran players wouldn't like a change to the looks a simple Update to the graphics, one area of the game at a time, might be all it takes to stay relevant. Look at Runescape. Runescape's now 15 years old and they're still kicking. One of the thing's they're doing is updating their world one location at a time. They've updated their client to allow better Graphics (NXT client) and now they're turning mounds of dirt like White Wolf Mountain use to be to massive mountains that you need to traverse caves to get up and down from.

    TLDR; People are only hearing about Mabinogi through other players and the old Graphics are turning players away who tried picking up the game.
  • im actually mad about the candy bonanza

    Probably cant talk because Im new to Mabi and this is my first time playing during this event, but Im actually enjoying it. Its easy and doesnt take up too much time to do.

    My one complaint is oh my gosh the dyes... We already have free dying because of the pet Gachapon and now this event is giving out dye. The worst part is that dye from both events expire. There's already a surplus of dye in game right now. We don't need anymore that will vanish when the rest of the surplus vanishes as well.
  • Dark skinned elves?

    Makes sense.
    I wonder if the reason they're none are because Nexon originally wanted the characters to be seperated by race for emersion. Though geographically elves should be the darker skinned race because they are from a harsher desert like environment.
    You know... I think I'm overthinking this now.

    Edit: Oops, just realized how racist that sounded. Without expanding on my topic xD