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  • Viva la wingless!

    It does feel like they over killed it on the wings. I mean, should there really be 24 pages of wings in the Dressing room? And most of them are the same wings in different colors. It's rather sad, for me anyway, that there are more wings than robes; But I guess many players love wings so they create more wings.

    Edit: To add on this this, it always seems like every new type of wings has to out-do the previous in some way; be that is glows, actual flapping wings, larger size, sometimes smaller too. I'm just waiting for when they start giving the next new type of wings any form of buffs such that many players will believe they have to get those wings, then I'll laugh.
  • Anyone remember this trailer?

    Sai wrote: »
    Gotta enjoy the large dungeon parties full of chaos and fear.
    Yeah, you usually had to set a campfire after a few rooms to recover sometimes, and maybe eat some food for hunger and minor buffs.

  • 9th anniversary is a bit of a let down

    Leinei wrote: »
    You mean like paying to experience storyline content or accessing the Paladin/Dark Knight transformations?

    I hated that. >=T

    Don't forget being able to use the other half of you bank, select your other character's tabs in the bank on your account, the use of bags, being able to equip/talk/repair your ego weapon. Can't really think of's been awhile.
  • Elves Being Better at Magic

    I'm starting to think Elves have some sort of complex about dual wielding. Honestly, I think a better idea would be to create elf exclusive items that go in the shield slot and provide boosts since that would be easier to balance since it wouldn't give elves literally twice the amount of magic attack from their (presumably step 6) wands. Something like spellbooks, but repairable and giving some boosts outside of mana conservation.

    Never actually played an elf. I was just thinking that each race should at least dual wield something unique that the other races cannot. Only a simple thought to throw out there really.