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February 6, 1997
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"Moving Ever Forward"
  • Well, that wasn't too difficult (10k corgi)

    Sherri wrote: »
    wow.. thats just sad

    How is this even remotely sad? You don't have to be a no-life player to do this, given that most of the time spent on this was probably the wait times for the Fynni Pet Whistles, which don't even require your attention.

    Even if you weren't using alts like OP is, you'd only need 50 Fynni Pets at level 200 to achieve this (which aren't hard to get. Werewolves from Fiodh are rA and can be level 200 with r1 blossoming), and blossoming them all would take about 9 days at the bare minimum.

    And training Fynni Blossoming wasn't hard for most either given that we just has a x2 training week going on as part of the Master Plan event...
  • [EVENT] Summer Master Plan (Week 11)

    Poeta wrote: »
    Very disappointing... I'm already finish everything, but like to help out others, I like to always make the translations and helping people with any question about events, and they count about the info you already put on the event, you should listen more carefully the players, because of this so many players being affected and they needed the AP, I don't like how you always manage the events, lack of info and not enough details. Hope you at least read my comment, because you always ignore everything.

    Comments like these are the reason why it seems as though they ignore everything. Address them with the same respect you would like to be addressed with yourself.
    CMKyrios wrote: »
    Sorry for that! Our goof, but the buff should now be active as of about 30 minutes ago.

    No worries! I was more concerned about the buff for my friends than I was myself. Glad to see that the change was made, and that's it up and running now!
  • I guess Shield Hero...

    Timefall wrote: »
    Why so negative?
    Buffalos wrote: »
    Negativity on the forums is sadly normal.

    There's a pretty relevant video for this:
    SebastianCrimsọnRadiant DawnBuffaloscourtneyyWolfsinger
  • So Like, where are the pons

    I've been wondering the same thing, regarding the in-game item shop. I didn't know it was disabled. I thought they just broke it in a maintenance or something.
  • The Server UN-merge Discussion Thread

    Greta wrote: »
    I really don't understand the motive of trolling in such time and topic, but i understand this was made purely for entertainment.

    Oh, I don't really understand their motive for posting something like this either, other than the given one of wanting to be funny. And to that end, they succeeded imo. I got a chuckle out of reading it. Given that the norm in these forums is often a thread for complaints, I can't say I mind seeing joke threads like this every once in a while.