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  • Let's have a Formal Discussion on Collab events~!?

    I sometimes think they just use the US mabi servers as a gauge to see how far they can push terrible business practices, and how much they can neglect the players in the US before they quit to use it as a tool to see what they can pull with their other games.
    purpley[Deleted User]
  • Drop rates

    Opalthira wrote: »
    NekoLily wrote: »
    I still fail to understand some people. I know RNG on gachas are horrible and you need to pay a lot of real money to get something worth out of it, I don't like it but I like the items, so I farm some gold in-game and buy the stuff I want from the ones that are actually ok with RNG and spending money. Why the need to always vent about it? It's horrible ok, but nobody forces you to buy the gacha.
    Nilrem wrote: »
    Isn't the anime about someone that plays an MMO too much and buys too much gacha or something?

    Because if so you could say having only a gacha would be accurate to the show.
    Makes the crossover about as appealing as the anime itself.

    There's literally an entire episode about ONLY gacha RNG. Really. Episode 4.

    When you pay 30 dollars for every other gacha and get one of the jackpots items every time only to spend 4x as much money and get nothing.
    There's a reason why people want to complain. Also if the drop rates are abysmal Good Luck getting anyone to sell items to you.

    Pretty much this there were items I sat for over 2 weeks with ads to buy, and not one person even offered to sell it(it was the devils tail on mari). I started at 15m for offers went upto 40m before I quit bothering.
    Items shouldn't be so rare there are only a few on each server from cash shop things.
    I could understand an in game raid or something having low drop rates, but this is seriously awful. Hell just look at the hairstyle coupons, and how idiotically rare some of those are.
  • Gambling Simulator 2017?

    Sheena wrote: »

    Do you remember the last time we could just spend like 7-10$ in a shopping bag and get what we wanted right away?

    I remember when we could get every armor, and weapon item in game. I'm that old school ;)
    Only thing you had to pay for were dye amps, bank space(prem service), rebirths(which eventually got special outfits), and those other worthless items that premium service poops out. But all in all even that if you had prem, AND rebirthed every 3 weeks you still spent drastically less then what you have to blow for a piece of an outfit from the gacha of the week.

    Spent less money then... well was the past few months I've dropped my spending to the point I now spend 0, and my play time these past few weeks dropped to 0 too as I got fed up with the gachas, and their god awful rates. Hell the events aren't even worth logging in for (well might log in saturday for that one hot time).
  • Halloween event how many coins do we get?

    Too few for the time it will take
    Probably the 1st Halloween event in years I won't even bother with as all the good items are in the pay crap(not interested in homestead trash as I got bank tabs full of past stuff).
  • People training music in the middle of towns.

    Sai wrote: »
    And I remember that this sort of thing used to never happen because people knew it was annoying, and they'd go train in a dungeon or their homestead or at least off in some secluded spot.

    That was back before music became a skill set. WEW!
    Spamming default music in town has been an everyday thing for a long long time. At least on Mari.

    Yup why I have a very big blacklist that I occasionally clear out. So sick of hearing that default awful music, or singing.
    It isn't like some ultra convenient place exists that they could got to with a single click of a button where no one would have to hear them like a homestead exists ya know.