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Buying art.


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  • Your Daily Fashion!

    A lot of people posted this outfit already but I just got it today and was proud of how it came out~


    Hat:Cat Ear Headband
    Outfit: Magic Academy Jr
    Shoes: Magic Academy Loafers
    Tail: Fluffy kitty tail
  • Disable Auto Barding

    Pan wrote: »
    AFK playing isn't that bad anyways. Makes the towns feel livelier.

    I disagree. I wont even set foot in dun barton anymore because of them. It used to be where i spent all my time but i haven't been there for more than 10 seconds in months. I know i'm not the only one too. :c And why would i want to mute everyone? I'm a bard because i love playing music, and hearing others play their own music. not spam terrible default songs. My favorite part of the game is having random strangers and friends take turns playing music or join in jams randomly, but lately i can't do anything because now spammers are in all the population centers and i'm not going to subject anyone to layered music. I just want to be able to bard and not get shoved aside by people who only care about their stat gains. ;-;

    BARD MAINS OVER STAT GAINS! -protest chant, picket fence signs, etc-

    Edit: @Hardmuscle How much bacon would we need to bury all the afk bards under to prevent sound from escaping the ham barrier?
  • Disable Auto Barding

    Siodhan wrote: »
    I hate it with a burning passion as well. Same for people who spam control marionette or golem sounds. It has never been funny, it isn't funny right now and it never damn will be. Grow up.

    Yeah seriously, there's so many ways you can fix this issue and let everyone win but instead we have annoyed people on both sides.

    1: Only allowed to repeat bard skill in homestead
    2: People with auto barding enabled make no noise
    3: Remove the defaults from playing without score. They're horrible songs anyway.
  • Disable Auto Barding

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    This is one of those counter-measures-to-prevent-modding type features.

    If they remove the feature, people will use a macro and do it anyways.

    That's why I think it should only be allowed in homestead. Everyone else shouldn't have to deal with it to cater to someone who isn't even PLAYING at the moment. They're just afk. qq
  • Disable Auto Barding

    Playing instrument is the easiest skill ever to level, so why do people need to be subject to AFK bards spamming default mabi songs in the middle of every population center all day, every day. Don't see why we gotta either blacklist everyone, or turn our own instrument volume down to cater to laziness. Blacklisting doesn't even solve the problem, if I blacklist someone it doesn't mean I can do my own barding with friends because then everyone else around has to hear layered barding and that sounds even worse than the defaults alone. It's gotten bad since musicq, and imo places like dunbarton aren't even worth going to because there's an afk bard in every corner or the square.

    I propose you disable repeated barding outside of homesteads, where they should be doing this to begin with.