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  • Mabinogi Glorious Glyphwright Contest


    Server: Nao
    IGN: Glaif
  • [FWD] Crystal Balls in Dunbarton Missing Cutscenes

    Everyone knows of them... I assume. And yet, while they display G1~12 in their entirety correctly, as can be seen in the following pictures (pulling only a few images because holy damn batman, there's too many):


    I'd like to bring attention to the fact that all cutscenes have a gold cost, and all lists have a bar. They also all end in "Gx Ending".

    But then there's G13~16:

    Which, not only are they vastly incomplete, but their last ones usually have no price. Which... Somehow renders them unwatchable.

    (Also, if this is ever fixed, please also add G19~21 cutscenes too. Nudge nudge, wink wink)
  • gatcha

    Unfortunately that's not how business works. You paid for your chances, not to win. If we got refunds for all the lottery tickets we didn't win, we'd never have to play the lottery again.
    Although I'd really love if they'd reveal the % chance of getting the rare stuff so it feels less of a blind gamble.
    Ironically, KR actually implemented such a thing recently.

    But I honestly have my doubts about NA doing anything remotedly close to it. After all, they weren't actually "forced" to do it.

    ... yet.
  • Re-Introduce yourself!

    Good day everyone. I'm Lleiad from the Mari server. The reason my name is minorly changed is because it's a fix to the typo.

    I've actually started playing on EU's closed beta, and migrated to NA 1 year after the closing of EU, since unfortunately I wasn't able to play back then. I always played the game semi-casually, and I don't think I'll be able to stop any time soon (should I probably say I also sold my soul then...?).

    I don't quite remember how I started playing mabi, but I think it was because I saw videos about the Dark Knight and Paladin transformation, and I was big on transformations in MMO back then, unfortunately however, I didn't know how to bypass the IP block, so I had to wait another 1 or 2 years before I actually started playing in EU.

    On the old forums, I went by the same name, but I barely posted. Since this forum is just flourishing once more (at least at the moment), I've taken to attempt and post some more before it gets too crowded once more.
    [Deleted User]
  • So I'm curious about the renown shenanigans.

    Let's be honest here, you've all seen it and probably wondered it too. Some others probably already know the meaning.

    But I'm curious about the "unknown" renown requirement and the "watch the NPCs perform" requirement. Where -do- the NPCs perform in festia? at what time? why? And what is the unknown?

    Any ideas? they would be welcome.