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  • Is Mabiwiki completely broken for everyone

    Buffalos wrote: »
    If another wiki start up is going to seriously be done, I suggest finding someone who plays the game already and can read Japanese. The Japanese Mabi-wiki is fairly complete so if you can reference them properly you should be able to get a lot of the information our's has.

    Well technically it's still possible to get the majority of info from the English wiki even though it's currently down. Although perhaps a bit tedious. Though surely better than nothing. Either way for pages that won't even partially work at the moment you can manually search for them on Google and click the arrow to the right of the link to access a cached version. It's what I've been doing when I need to look something up since the wiki broke. Even if the admins of that wiki want to lay claim to the images on there they technically can't lay claim to the info/data. Given technically as you pointed out one could even grab such info from foreign wikis.
  • Stop Adding Fashion

    Telling them to stop adding fashion is like telling them to stop making money. Because fashion is the #1 thing that drives people to gamble on gachas. If the game doesn't make Nexon money then they'll just end up closing it down. So be glad fashion is so incredibly profitable for Nexon.

    As for adding in more gears. Putting strong current end-game gear into gachas would only make the issue of so many people AFK'ing that you speak of worse. Since why even bother farming materials to craft something if the gacha is just going to spew out versions that are X-Grade, pre-enchanted, and with a Rank 1 reforge. If anything I feel keeping gachas more so limited to fashionable stuff helps keep current end-game content actually relevant for much longer.
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  • Server Merges

    Stolias wrote: »
    If a Server Merge occurs, its not an Issue of Losing Gubs, its the character/pet names. Since there's characters/pets on each server with the exact same name
    Gaea wrote: »
    That's what I said, you know what kind of seizure inducing headache that would cause our staff? Think about it. FOUR times the NAMES to resolve! It would be utter chaos. Which is why we always concluded, it could only be done with 2 servers at a time.
    yessiree wrote: »
    We should be discussing ways to resolve duplicate names across servers. Server merge is never gonna happen unless this is solved first.

    I'm not even sure why you people are worrying about or attempting to create a solution for an issue which doesn't even exist in the first place. Given other foreign servers for this game such as Korea have already done server mergers just fine. So the solution has already been found way before you ever started worrying about it.

    Apparently the solution was something along the lines of people getting their original server names above their usernames and guild names. So as a result duplicate names were fully possible and there weren't any issues.

  • Dual Gun skill freezing

    Not sure if you're new to the game or not. So I have to ask. Is your Dual Gun actually loaded with ammo? Because if you don't have any ammo loaded you won't be able to use any Dual Gun skills or do normal attacks with them. You need to first load it with bullets with the Reload skill before you can attack with them.