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December 15, 1994
  • Happy Holidays Postcard Contest

    merry christmas & happy holidays!
    taffyta on nao
  • Tales of a Milletian

    The Milletian receives a letter on a sunny day. The sender isn’t listed as anyone familiar to her, so her heart sinks a bit on reflex- that could really spell trouble. She gives her head a firm shake, willing away the thoughts of endless disaster. Courage gathered, she tears into the letter: a plain and simple request for help, politely requesting a meeting in Dugald Aisle. Relieved to find it lacking in urgency, desperation, terror, or the like, she decides it couldn’t hurt to head over. Helping out is what a hero does, after all!

    Ambling up Dugald Aisle, the Milletian finds herself in a field of growing sunflowers. She begins to wonder how long it’s been since she walked through here, as that’s quite a change. At least it’s a pleasant one, she muses, trying not to think too hard about moon stones raining down. A call of greeting ahead of her breaks her pensive mood. The person who asked her here? She brightens and waves on her way over, ready to see what she can do.

    The old man standing before the Milletian explains himself and his situation, thanking her for showing up. I’m sure you have been very busy, but it’s not something I can do all on my own. She understands, of course, and accepts eagerly. For one man to go so far, planting such a field of flowers just to recapture a moment of joy for his wife? Call her sentimental, but the Milletian finds her heart full. A task such as this might not require the full extent of her admittedly overwhelming power, but she decides to give the field her all. For what feels like the first time in a long time.. the Milletian finds herself feeling glad to be needed.

    Taffyta on Nao
    i think some events must be a really nice and needed break from people trying to kill you and everyone else, you know?
  • Pet Paradise Homestead Design Contest

    we have a nice field with a waterfall for the big boys
    a cute little garden for our flowery friends
    even a snowy enclosure for those who prefer the cold!
    a nice pond to look out on when it's time for a break
    and as the sun sets, we can relax in the yard

    Taffyta on Nao

    some really pretty homesteads!!! good work!!
  • Spooky Halloween Screenshot Contest Submissions

    emergency surgery!! there's no copay down here- and don't worry about anesthesia, you won't be feeling much longer!!

    IGN: Taffyta
    Server: Nao
    (some very cool entries! good job guys!)

    IGN (CURRENT): Taffyta(+Ruairi)

    What made you choose the name when you started? stole it directly from wreck-it ralph because the sugar rush racers were very aesthetic and had cute names

    Did you ever wish you could change it? If so, why? Yeah, mostly cause I got sick of everybody calling me taffy, but since I like for my characters to have a separate name from me, I'm not sure I'll ever have the strength to make it anything different (gotta drop the tag tho)


    Is the server you first chose the one you played on the most? yep

    Is there a specific reason you chose it over others? cause the people who got me to play mabi were on ruairi

    YEAR YOU STARTED: 2009? but not on this account

    How old were you when you started? 14 or 15..

    What kept you playing? i logged in to hang out with my friends and honestly i stopped playing for a long time because lack of internet/friends didn't play/i stopped being friends with those people, but then i decided to come back a couple years ago and made a lot of friends through the discord and decided to keep playing. even if nothing else... i log in to look at how cute my character is

    FAVORITE COLOR SCHEME: pink, purple & brown

    Do you incorporate your favorite color? those are my favorite colours so yes

    How many different color schemes do you think you’ve gone through? i don't have a consistent specific dye scheme, but in the sense that i try to stick to some form of those colours it's kinda always been the same?? sometimes i will add in other different colours, and i used to do a lot brighter/more saturated dyes before and now i tend to want less saturated colours

    FAVORITE THING ABOUT MABI? character customization & music aspect are best

    What is your favorite location in mabi? Why? Taillteann, it's a really cute town and i like the music (in the gates, not outside)

    If there was one thing you could change about mabi, what would it be? update the old models... add better skin colour options

    FAVORITE CHARACTER/NPC IN MABI? if you check my avatar.... you'll know...

    Who is your least favorite? Why? there's a handful i dislike but i don't think any one of them is at the top of that list

    Which generation did you enjoy the most? G20&22 are probably at the top, the character interactions are fun and G20 wins for me in that you have a lot of response options and get a title based on which knight you win the most points with I thought that was really neat and would like to see something similar again. however, I would rate G22 as more fun to play through because G20 had a lot of super tedious and unnecessary feeling missions.. G22's missions felt like they had a lot more purpose (honorable mention to G21 which had a story I really loved but some of the boss fights were disgusting)

    YOUR FIRST RANK 1 Skill? production mastery....

    When talents were made what did you master first? i mastered warrior during a mission point event and that was the first one

    What did you Grandmaster first? i have... two whole seals for chain slash..

    YOUR FIRST PET? it's a mimic with a dumb name!

    How old is your first pet? 391 + 25 years

    Which is your favorite pet? i love sheeptuplets.. my favorite is the first one i got because the discovery really tickled me after not playing for many years. i got him out of a pet gacha and i was like ok he's a funky little dude, pretty cute, nice, and then i right click him and see the mount option and i'm like how am i supposed to ride this little guy?? and then it's like ohhhhhh... sick! his name is nougats

    YOUR FIRST MABI FRIEND? i guess that would be one of the ones who got me to play in the first place!!

    Do they still play? i still see one of them log in every so often..

    Are you still Friends? nah

    YOUR FIRST MABI GUILD? honestly I can't remember for the life of me what it was called, but I was only in it for a short time anyway

    What’s your Current Mabi guild? moonstruck

    Have you ever led a guild? moonstruck is my guild.. it exists solely for the purpose of me having a neat name & cute crown

    thanks for the survey i love answering questions