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The guild issue finally got fixed, but Nexon didn't even bother to post into the thread for it to announce it to the players who came here with the issue. They didn't put anything on the main site either. I'm keeping this situation as an example of poor customer service. Anyway, I'll still be around the forums even though I came here because of the above issue.


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June 2, 1996
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I have returned to Erinn once again. Now to see what drives me away this time.
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Sylek Isana - the spirit of a legendary hero that is, for some reason, inhabiting a weapon in Erinn.
  • Maple Leaf Event

    ShouK wrote: »
    Did the event on the first day just to check it out.. and leeches everywhere. Me and thank god at least one other player were working hard growing the tree.. During those time there were other people standing there not doing anything. When the leaves became red, those afk-ers suddenly alive again and was hitting the tree. What made me even more mad is when maple leaf kept dropping for them and barely for me.

    It took too much effort and time to even get one decent reward with the coupon, and I just really hate leechers so it’s against my principle to feed them. I’m just gonna drop the event. The maple leaf are actually sellable, but I don’t really see many shops selling it, so I guess people don’t really do this event lel one of the worst event ever.

    Absolute worst event still goes to the July Caravan Events, where you have to defend caravan against various spawns. I still remember how two dragons spawned at the end and all I got for compensation was an MP potion. I'm sure that if I had actually fought those dragons outside the event, I wouldn't get a crappy reward like that.

    But yes, this is a terrible event that for whatever reason they decided to bring back. And not even change in the slightest either. At least with fairies there were two Floral HS figures for those who had done it before. This one... nothing's changed. Same amount of insane effort for too little reward. Use a ton of water on a tree, punch the tree, collect a leaf, and then do it all over again on another tree.
  • Recovery of an MMO Junkie x Mabinogi Event

    I watched episode one of the anime so far, and this is a severely underwhelming collaboration event. You run a dungeon (with barely any guidance to do so) for a chance at a rare drop. The SAO and FSN collaborations were far better, even if SAO was terribly done. They could have revamped the dungeon or given other small stuff as consolation prizes from NPC's. Instead, they did pure cash grab with the very minimum for gameplay.
    Take a page from past collaborations. It is possible to do both cash grab and gameplay. This event just isn't any good.
  • Possible Roleplay?

    Would anyone possibly be interested in some role play in game sometime? Going to wait to put my in game name until I get some feedback on the subject, but I've had a lot of fun with role play and other media in the past, and so I'm going to maybe try to branch out a bit.
    I'd like to stick with small groups for now, maybe no more than four people (including myself) at most.
  • Life skill revamp please

    Most life skills are a massive grind to train, with magic craft, engineering, and their gathering skills being some of the worst in my opinion. Adding a talent for those 4 skills would help, but even with a 2x training, they'll still be a grind. Obviously, there are other boosts available, but they don't really detract from the fact that most of the crafting skills are some of the most time consuming, just to try to get a fraction of a rank. We shouldn't have to spend most of our training seals and AP because we need to, yet for some it seems like it's almost the only way.
  • 100 point mission event box

    SirRyu wrote: »
    Just wanted to say the robe from the box is the exp version.

    No screenshot or anything to confirm?