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  • I love this update

    Puppet snare need a buff as well as many puppet skills and puppeteer in general.

    I noticed for the longest time that I don't see anyone using puppets seriously for reasons, and headstrong on meta talents which left the shadowed talents in the dust.


    Duel guns



    and some skills in other different talents which is seen "too powerful" like:






    There are talents which are outdated and not caught up to the times leaving them to be forgotten or too weak to see much of use. This in the end left us with about 85% of total skills in the game to be worthless and only for stat fodders because of meta along with a set of mind about "Kill before they kill you". We have the most powerful skills in the game but made you wonder how come other talents don't share the same glory? Balance reason? No, because the game lack balance anyways. Talent Bias? Maybe we are seeing more encouragement of Physical melee damage in the game than Range and magic.

    I had no idea what goes through the mind of the developers when they design Mabinogi or what they plan to turn it into but when they want to try something least make old content adapt to change or else it shows horrible age telling the world of negligence.

    There are "transformations" which also need to see improvements as well:


    Dark Knight



    Awakening of Light/ Morrighan and Neamhain

    But I must not forget our newest addition of transformation..."Nascent Divinity" surprised? This is a new Transformation which I had thought to be the most epic and awesome experience only to realize sooner than I thought of how pointless, underwhelming, and Lackluster Nascent divinity is. Since you can only use it on a set duration depending on rank you would think this transformation would speak usefulness and worth the time of duration? No, its way too weak and not impactful at all, it may look powerful but its one of the weakest Transformations in the game right behind Paladin, Dark Knight, Falcon, Beast and Awakening of Light still being the top Transformation in the game.

    Nascent Divinity had so much potential to design which would of at least beat Awakening of light in usefulness till it's inevitable duration running out, it could of used the sword of the gods "Brionac" as a melee weapon with godly swordsmanship of grace fitting for it's otherworldly aura, choosing the path of the sword to being unique only to Nascent Divinity. It could of been more impactful, it could of been more fun instead of the brain dead and boring snapping of fingers which is POOR gameplay design for such a otherworldly being.

    Instead we only have ONE nuke which can only be used ONCE per transformation duration due to it's long cooldown, as well as effecting properties of Crusader skills unique only to Nascent Divinity, Alas the crusader skills STILL share the same cooldown so even if you used Shield of trust for protection, you can't use Judgement Blade right after due to sharing cooldown...its clunky, and most of the time speak to your own doom due to endgame mobs hitting HARD as you gain Advance stander effect unable to use your basic skills to shove the swarming group for you can only attack one enemy or use Judgement blade but its cooldown is too long.

    As the newest addition to the list of transformations, its one of the WORST transformations in the game by design and only used for one quick Nuke and your done, no need to keep using it for the rest of the duration because you can do a LOT better without transformations anyways.

    You would think Transformations was suppose to give ya an EDGE over your foe but it instead holds you back from doing better than you do without it.

    Mabinogi needs to see change and "Proper" improvements of quality of life changes...
  • *NEW* Homestead Housing Hot-Air Balloon Box

    I think its fantastic for a tiny person like me. Who wouldn't like having a home that flies!
  • G25 HyperNova!

    Dradgas wrote: »
    Sebastian wrote: »
    Dradgas wrote: »
    I can only speak as someone from the states so the values might change from country to country. But I personally don't really see a graphical update for Mabinogi being a bad idea at all, we even have PSO2 recently that seems to be doing that and the reception to it so far has been really positive.

    The thing about a graphical update for Mabinogi isn't whether it's a good idea or not, but the fact that the engine is so ancient with the team that developed it being long gone, and that Nexon likely would see no reason to overhaul/set aside funds for one of its more niche games. It's much easier to just keep pushing out gacha for whatever money they can make off the game in its current state.

    That's very much so true, though the same could be said about PSO2 if they didn't decide to do this whole new update they're putting out. I guess it really just depends on what the company things will be worth it or not, though I guess I'll always be of the opinion that a graphical update is a good idea.

    That is mostly due to having a franchise...Mabinogi has no long living franchise unlike the Phantasy star series. What made the game sell was, gameplay, story, it's traditions intact and "love" for the franchise which turned Phantasy star into a series, its value is in name.

    Mabinogi is just an old MMO which is original but lack a surviving franchise worldwide unlike Phantasy star online 2, the fact that they could pull a graphic overhaul was because they find it worth to give it to an existing franchise which is worth the money to develop and giving them the extra courage to see through with it.

    Mabinogi in the other hand, you can guess what is wrong with it, mistakes which causes a mess, nothing to remedy it, on with the new and abandon the old. This is an indirect message which players do not like which hurts the reputation for the game and for the company. Nexon had no confidence to do an entire graphic overhaul because there "technically" not an existing franchise growing strong to give it to, with the amount of funds they had to spend and time to have it realized its just something of a huge gamble to them. Its funny since that is pretty much "Mabinogi" now, a HUGE gamble of a mess.

    There also had been some call outs about intended features to be a headache on purpose which you would have to learn for yourself by finding it. (To much to list to care about anymore.)

    Mabinogi can't compare to the monsters like Final fantasy, Phantasy star, Dragon quest, and other long living games which had been with us the longest with legacies.

    Id honestly would of found Mabinogi the "perfect" MMO if they had fixed past issues, more "valued" quality of life changes, revisiting old content's quality (looking at those NPC shop clothing in pure pixels of 32 bits.), re-balancing old skills/talents, and finally "the graphical overhaul which most of us had wanted for quite a while now".

    As much as I wish great things for this game, I can't see it due to a indirect message sent to us...we are nothing more than milk to be milked, not caring if it means losing us. This is how I see Mabinogi which I had to be honest to be my most played MMORPG through out the list of existing MMORPGs, I just keep coming back...only to be reminded and hurt by its loss of players for "reasons".
  • G25 HyperNova!

    Wow! Amazing graphics!

    -logs in-

    Reality is pretty disappointing huh?

    Its quite laughable that even the Korean audience are tilted by this trailer...calling Nexon out that this is indeed not "Mabinogi".
  • I lost my pet lol

    Sorry for your loss buddy but if they help you, then they would have to help LOTS of skippers who don't read.

    Going to have to make do with your loss sadly. A real more careful next time to avoid this happening again and a warning for those willing to do what the OP did.