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  • List Of Stuff You Enjoy In Mabi

    Honestly i get tired of mostly of things u mentioned, so i stopped doing them. The hype for upcoming updates and good event rewards are the only things that makes me keep playing. The thing i enjoy the most now is do thing with my guildies <3
    [Deleted User]
  • My craziest idea ever... Probably

    jjeremy wrote: »
    Sounds very... unique.
    So the skeleton can self-revive in any situation without needing Nao stones or feathers? I can imagine lots of people solo'ing things like Alban and Peaca Abyss slowly. Although alchemist elves already do this.
    I'd love to see how people "abuse" this race's abilities.

    I have 3 raisons to counter that:
    1- "Skeleton stats are capped at 800, except HP, MP, SP at 2500." that mean Skeletons are quite weak to solo whatever, unless they are "NEVER GIVE UP" people who loves spend a half day in a dungeon xD
    2- "When a Skeleton is Knocked Unconscious, its bones will be separated on the ground and you will be unable to move and use skills during 20 sec. (HP/WP/MP/SP begin regenerate at 40 points/sec. until you decide "rebuild" yourself)" that means Skeletons needs a lot of time to revive at full health, annoying mechanic to nerf it a bit.
    3- "Skeletons grants +10% attack power and defense rate per other skeleton player or bone dragon pet in the same party." that means a 15k Skeleton is literally like a 8k or lower elf in terms of power. And eventually a full Skeleton party can approach the power of an another full (other races) party.
    [Deleted User]
  • My craziest idea ever... Probably

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this but i will take the risk >:v
    Yesterday i was literally drunk... i think, because i don't remember all what happened LOL
    But i remember i was thinking about what thing would make me the happiest to happen in my Mabi-life... so i get this idea.
    Mostly of other MMORPGs i played have more than 3 races but not less developped than Mabinogi... basically just same base character with differents skins + 2 exclusive passives skills + some classes not allowed :P
    You are probably thinking it's a dumb idea. You are right. I think that too. And surely i will get bored again very fastly, but... ENJOY ANYWAYS <3

    Advanced Genderless race (or maybe do Bisque Dolls as female counterpart...)

    "Race focusing HP and Critical Hit Rate
    instead Attack power and Stats"

    Skeleton players will begin with higher base stats than others races (~150str/int/dex/will/luck and ~200hp/mp/sp). Skeleton stats are capped at 800, except HP, MP, SP at 2500.
    Skeletons cannot drink potions, eat food or be healed by magic skills, also cannot be revived by normal Phoenix Feathers or Nao Soul Stones. Nimbus summoning heal treat skeleton players like puppets.
    Every damage taken by skeleton players has always 100% wound, also they have naturally 30% auto-defense but damage taken is not reduced unless you are wearing an armor.
    Skeleton's HP cannot be lowered under (-1), they have 100% chance of Deadly status and do not knock Unconscious even by getting a hit. After 10 sec. in Deadly, the player knock Unconscious automatically. When a Skeleton is Knocked Unconscious, its bones will be separated on the ground and you will be unable to move and use skills during 20 sec. (HP/WP/MP/SP begin regenerate at 40 points/sec. until you decide "rebuild" yourself) If you choose revive at town, you will respawn at closest Graveyard instead.
    Skeletons grants +10% attack power and defense rate per other skeleton player or bone dragon pet in the same party. (HOW TO MAKE MABI LESS SOLO? give people raisons to need parties 8D) Bone dragon chics grants 100% dmg instead 20% on Skeleton players. (Make sense i think)
    Skeleton players cannot marry any player, even another skeleton.

    Skin: Red, Gold, Metal, Verona...
    Eyes: Fake Eyes, Light Orbs, Torchfire or Hollow Eyes
    Mouth: Opened, Closed, Creepy Smile, Sharp Teeth...
    Hair: Bald, Afro, Mane...
    (different selectable colors)
    Skeletons don't age but their tall is still selectable.
    When rebirth, Cichol appears instead Nao.

    Skeleton players can equip all wearable equipement by humans and elves, regardless genders.
    Skeleton players can equip all weapons wieldable by humans, except lances, blades and knuckles.
    Skeleton players can dual wield daggers and some one-handed blunts.
    Every weapon equipped by skeletons become Slow speed.
    Balance of skeletons is capped at 50%.

    Compared to others races, every skeleton skill provides quite less of normal stats, double HP/MP/SP and +0,5% critical rate per skill rank.
    [Every "X~X" means rankF->rank1]

    Skeletons rest standing and enable to walk, also regenerate quite faster than other races. This works anywhere, even in dungeons unlike other races.
    Like elves, skeletons have its own race-only action skill which cannot be used in combat: GRAVE!
    Summon a coffin, Skeleton will enter and close it. After 2 sec. the player will exit and the coffin disappear. Wound points are fully restored anytime!

    Unlike other races, Smash has differents effects and only has a 30~70% chance to activate upon critical hit.
    -Swords deal poison attack during 10 sec. (1 tick each 2 sec.)
    -Blunts deal petrification during 2~8 sec.
    -Axes deal life steal, 5~15% max HP upon succes. Scythes are treated as axes for Skeleton players.

    Skeletons cannot learn assault slash, charge and evasion. (I mean real skeletons cannot move so fastly, they will probably lose a lot of bones while running...)
    Unlike other races, Critical hit (the skill) provides +100~250% critical damage, other races are +50~150%.
    Same defensive masteries values as elves.
    Same archery as humans, except lack of Arrow Revolver and owns Mirage Missile.
    Same magic as elves but slower casting speed. Meditation do not force skeleton players to walk regardless their equipped weapons.
    Lack of lancery and fighter skills.
    Same alchemy as other races, except Life Drain is monster version but without invencibility frames and restore Wound points too.
    Same music skills as other races.
    Same life skills as other races but lower success rate.
    Skeleton can use Puppetry, Gunner and Ninja skills but in the end, their attack power (even in critical) will be considerably lower than others races due to their stats cap.
    Skeletons cannot learn Transformation Mastery and do not own Transformation Diary.

    Race-only Combat skill: UNDEAD CURSE
    Basically same skill as Berserker RP in FSN event, except all damage taken is not reduced to 1. While this skill is active:
    -Normal attacks and all skill in Combat tab are guaranteed to critical, regardless the user's critical stat and weapon equipped, the enemy's protection, and the critical rate cap. (like Way of the Gun but better)
    -Instantly revive with 10% of max HP upon death. (like the unimplemented Berserker skill)
    Duration 30~45sec. Cooldown 300~180 sec.
    Cost 5~10SP/sec. and 40~60MP per revival.
    Skill's animation is the same as an stunned Grim Reaper.

    Race-only Magic skill: KAMIKAZE
    Auto-destruct yourself and deal 100% attack power + 100~400% max. HP (600 radius) to all enemies in range. Instantly revive in deadly status and then auto-heal damage dealt/10. No targets getting a hit = no heal. No cooldown. Load time is same as Shockwave skill. Cost 200~120MP per use. Can only be used in Deadly status.

    Lich-like Form (eventually a Banshee Form too... you know why)
    Only can be activated once per in-game day during night. Mainly boost HP/SP/SP, mouvement speed, slash range, critical hit rate and passive defenses. Max. duration: x1.5 longer than others. No reset time. Transformation is cancelled automatically at 6:00AM. (Holy Light of Sun is supposed to weaken every undeads right?)

    Summon 2-5 Armored Skeleton Minions (wearing full armor, a warhammer and a shield). No control interface. Minions instantly aggro your target and every monster that aggroed you. Minions has stat values equal to half or your base maximum HP, defense and attack power. Minions only use Normal Attacks and will not build the enemy's Knockdown Gauge. Minions explode upon death (50~400dmg) other minions are unaffected by this. No cooldown, just cannot be used while there are still other minions alive (applies only to your own minions). Minions disappear themself when your transformation ends. Cost 100MP per use.

    Skeletons cannot access to Demigod Transformation, but still can use Shadow Spirit when learned.

    YOU: Why Skeletons?
    ME: I'm not really fan of them but i wanted an undead related thing. But this isn't all! I think skeletons are the most customizable monster in-game. So that makes sense for me. I would choose goblins, ogres, ghouls, whights or even imps too... but i prefered skeletons.
    YOU: Its too hard to survive with this race!!
    ME: Tell that to people who do dungeons armorless or can solo field bosses that can one hit kill no matter how armored you are.
    YOU: People who have Nimbus and Bone Dragons will abuse using them (again) and People who haven't them will cry in a corner :v
    ME: At this point, every player who began last year in Mabi will have even 2 event nimbus and if they farm diligently, they can buy Bone Dragons or whatever from others players in no time :v

    I tried being the most complete possible explaining this, tell me below what is wrong for you or what would you add to this crazy suggestion xD
    pawcalypseEastSeaPeloi[Deleted User]
  • The Year of Milky Way free mount pets...

    March, we get a Nimbus from Star Piece Event
    June, we get a Pegasus from HS Candy Bonanza Event.
    Now September, we will get a Scooter from this Attendance Event...

    following this pattern...
    I won't be surprised if at ChriXmas event, we get a Milky Way Bone Dragon LOL
    [Deleted User]Sherri
  • What won't never happen but still want so badly

    *Ability to summon up to 3 pets (and you can divine link all 3 at same time)
    *Ability to summon your alts like UNRESTRICTED partners
    *More races (better if wilder)
    *Transformation revamp (+ forms)
    *Make transformation mastery great for battle
    *Fighter revamp
    *Ace talents revamp: more Ace skills and make existing skills easier to obtain
    *Make food even more useful and cooking talent funner
    *Votation for next event: Chance to get old nice events again

    Put your suggestions below or just say what is wrong with me :v