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  • LF> Artists for wiki art~ ($30+/half body)

    This is an on-going project, but we can only pay every so often. I'll be keeping track of the status in the second post and will bump the thread when we have enough. You can also follow our Patreon without even needing to donate to watch for our budget posts.

    So if you're interested, there will be plenty of next times! So stay tuned.
  • LF> Artists for wiki art~ ($30+/half body)

    Hello all~! You may know me as the MWW admin, or you may not, but I am!!

    If you're further unaware, we have a Patreon to keep the place running and one of the incentives is to commission art from community artists! So we're looking for such people to draw NPC art for the NPCs that don't have official art.

    This art will not be used in game and there is no intention to try to get it in game. It will only be used on the wiki to make NPC listings and individual pages more consistent.

    While I don't want to be too picky about style, quality is important, and this should roughly be considered a professional job. If you submit more than one I will be happy to be a professional reference on your résumé. It should be as similar to the NPC art style as you're comfortable with going, but for the most part it just needs to not clash with them.

    I looked around at the typical pricing for half body art, the highest I found was less than what I'm offering for it. Before that keep in mind this is full colour, shaded, plain expression for an NPC who's never been seen outside of their character model (which often differs a bit from their portraits). I'm offering $30 as a standard price (to be rendered upon completion) but you are welcome to negotiate the amount. Also if you sign it, it shouldn't be visible in the thumbnail. I would prefer you not sign it and rather just upload the image yourself while specifying whatever license you feel is appropriate (I'm happy to discuss these).

    This will be ongoing until every current NPC has a portrait, but at the rate we're accruing budget for it it will probably be around one every two months. I'm going to reserve the next post for characters and stuff!

    EDIT: Seems like the typical size is around 450 pixels high with a narrower width, but can go up to around 700 pixels wide (as in the case of weird cat). Would recommend something around 450~500 high and width as whatever is proportional.
  • [SUBMISSIONS] Anime Cosplay Screenshot Contest

    Composed comic sorta:
    12H2RHbn_o.png Ip5tQD22_o.png

    Better shots of cosplay:
    TSCZIUsj_o.png O8ZhEEbv_o.png


    IGN: Kadalyn
    Server: Alexina
    Anime: Soul Eater
    Character: Maka Albarn

    Special thanks to RRM for posing in my Soul Eater cosplay, Fluffy from discord making a cameo as super magical cat Blair, and Rietty from discord for letting me use her homestead!!

    There weren't any great clothes for them, so for Maka I went with the Shiny Gothic Frill Dress because it has the best socks of the choices and it fits the aesthetic better than the ones that have just a short plaid skirt, because I feel like the coat tails are important to her character so it needed that length. Also the arms stay relatively dark despite being the same dye area as the tie which needed to be green.
  • Your thoughts on Cross-Server Town and Dungeon?

    That sounds like an interesting idea. Some techie witchcraft is definitely going to be involved in making it possible for two or my players with the exact same ID number or character name to exist in that realm at the same time without things going screwie, sure, but to be able to have an area where we could buy rare materials or cash shop items from players from other servers and a dungeon that we could run with players who normally hang out on another server would be cool.

    Player IDs are unique across servers already.

    EDIT: APPARENTLY NOT whoops. They'd always seem to be but we just found some IDs reused on multiple servers.
  • Make rebirth Nao wear the dress you give her, too

    Why not? BNopJK.jpg