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  • Hotkeys Resets every login

    TNinja wrote: »
    To my understanding, hotkeys are actually saved locally.
    I noticed this when I logged in a different computer, all my hotkeys were gone, or saved from centuries ago.

    Maybe it has something to do with temporary files.

    As a note there are two sets of hotkeys.

    The ones where you place skills/pets/items in hotbars are saved on the server. This includes order of skills in skilltabs as well as window position and some other things.

    The ones you set from the "Hotkey Settings" in the Options menu are stored locally.

    So @OP which are you having problems with?
  • more completely different marionettes

    I mean just the equipables not new skills. But I really want that Glas Ghaibhleann Memory Capsule summon as a marionette that would be awesome.


    I'd suggest other ones too but you can't beat Glas.

    Like if you agree.

  • I cringe at puppeteer skills

    Think of it more like distance between the parts. Act 3 is the journey between when the hero starts her adventure (Act 2) and when she's reconciles her destiny (Act 4). Act 5 is the challenges she faces and overcomes until encountering her crisis in Act 6. Act 8 is the closure of the play, after overcoming her nemesis in Act 7. Essentially, they're the boring acts that take place over a long period of time which don't make for good skills. You could say it's the part of the performance your battle strategy fills in. :p
  • An update on the Mabiwiki situation

    Hehe yeah it's my first time posting since the forum revamp here.

    We definitely encourage you to whitelist ads on MabiWorld! They're required to be unintrusive; that is, no sound or flash. It allows animated gifs though. Whitelisting raises the number of impressions on our PW page, which makes the spot more interesting to advertisers. We're not paid per clicks or anything, but of course clicking the top banner does encourage those specific advertisers to stay there. If you click the link under the banner it shows you all the stats (like impressions) there. As a comparison, PW records about 25~30 thousand pageviews a day whereas Google Analytics records around 50 thousand per day. So PW is missing out on a decent portion but you guys are doing pretty well (we're still one of the top wikis on PW).

    For jlist, we're only paid if you buy stuff from them using our link.

    Also, I changed the Donate link to a Patreon since I think that's an easier way to support us on a regular basis. I set a 90$/month goal (that is a total of what everyone pledges) to remove ads, as well. Of course if you pledge a dollar I don't really mind if you use adblock. ^^
  • An update on the Mabiwiki situation

    Thanks guys, I really appreciate the support!

    EDIT: Keep in mind the donations bar doesn't automatically update. I have to "approve" them, showing that they went through. Someone donated 20$ twice so I'm not sure if he thought that it didn't go through or not?