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ffxiv is a better game
  • Redo Gens 1-3

    :( that really sucks G1-3 had a really nice story
  • 9th anniversary is a bit of a let down

    DonPatch wrote: »
    perhaps maybe the 9th anniversary was made to be lacking just so the hype for the 10th anniversary would be huge. There's no way they're gonna butcher the 10th anniversary for us. THE DOUBLE DIGITS ANNIVERSARY DON'T LET US DOWN.

    With the way Nexon's been treating Mabi NA it'll be dead by then

    also from what I remember seeing in KR's last anniversary, weren't they supposed to have new homestead figures? They seriously didn't give us those? They're already in the files, so I don't see why they couldn't...

    then again I'm not surprised this year was disappointing considering like...

    thanksgiving event? "here give us money for an item we made super super rare"

    black friday/cyber monday sales? a joke

    christmas & new years event? did they even happen?

    valentines day event? wasn't it just a "get together with the gms" and that was it? and the rest was some sort of gach? and then they gave a candy event like way later in march? (I think for white day, which is kinda moot considering that most people in NA don't celebrate it, but I'll give credit where credit is due I suppose considering it was an actual holiday event.)

    st. patricks day? didn't happen yet again unless you count the pig which was literally "give us money"

    Kinda sad if you ask me...

  • warm up

    Greta wrote: »
    Hello, your drawings are really cute, it makes me smile while looking at it. Here's my character if you are interested
    I hope your stress gets away soon~ ^_^ Have a nice day~

    Your character is very cute. I love how the orange really compliments the blues. I don't feel I did her justice

    I'll do Nyaa after I finish up cleaning up my mess from dinner
  • Introducing the Mabinogi Discord Server!

    ^Probably because it would be easier to get everyone in one place if we all had one server instead of like 5 or more is what i'm thinking. Yeah there's nothing that says you can't do it, but at the same time, why not just get together and merge 'em into one?

    Aside from drama reasons

    I ended up joining this I can't believe myself
  • Introducing the Mabinogi Discord Server!

    Why does there need to be several mabi discords anyway? Feels kinda pointless and redundant. O well good luck taking care of your little corner of drama when it comes.