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ffxiv is a better game
  • So I just finished G3

    No More Ruairi
  • Hypothetical Question Time!

    I've only been around for a short time in comparison to most, so pardon my scrub question: What's Erinn Walker?

    As for your answer

  • Favorite NPC Poll~

    wow who would have guessed right guys?

    pls bring back picture posts so i can share my memes sabina ;_;
  • Do people have no manners during training?

    Like if worse comes to worst and I can't find another channel or if I was already there and had to walk off to do something and came back and another person was there, I use somewhere that other people are training (or if you look afk, I will just take over an area), but I usually try to be mindful of other people. At the same time, there's plenty of these mobs and even if all grounds are completely full (like with 2+ players on each channel, which sounds almost hypothetical these days) and you need to share, you can't just be like 'WELL THESE RACCOONS ARE MINE THEY BELONG TO ME NOW.' It just seems really childish. It's an MMO. You're going to need to share spaces sometimes. People aren't entitled to just drop what they're doing to humor you. Of course, these days it's rare to see the servers and channels get absolutely packed and CCing/Moving is an option most times, there's times it's not always possible for people to move :V Learn to communicate with the people and say something like "hey I've been training here and I know you want to train here too but let's work something out" instead of getting mad and barking "CCPLZ" right away. Yeah, what they're doing is rude, but what you're doing is rude too, or well more like based on your responses, it sounds like you were responding rudely :V

    Also for the posts about mari, I'm kinda curious. Anytime I've come in an area and either not seen a person or someone was afk and they started attacking again (like after 20+ minutes or so) and started some ks competition, I've never seen them do t he most reasonable thing and just ask me to leave. Is it just something that people in mari do which is complain but not look for some sort of solution? I don't know how it is for other servers, but I never see people communicate while trying to train skills. They either come in and try to take over or immediately leave.

    So yeahh idk when I think about it I never really see people communicate and usually communication solves problems :V

    I think at this point I'm just babbling though
  • Girgashiy Raid Daily

    Ahh, alrighty. I was wondering if he was the host again because sometimes it seems like there's drama going on w/ 8PM and for a while I just started flat out avoiding it. Not gonna name who the person was, out of respect for privacy or not starting a big deal, but it's really unpleasant when you're trying to multitask a real life problem that comes up in a raid and get chewed out because you took an important phonecall get threatened to be banned, on the first time it happened. I stopped doing it for a whole month or so due to this so I was wondering if it was somewhat safe to participate :V