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don't worry, I dislike all of you.
  • Men's wear vs Women's wear


    > which is more of your preference?
    I dislike the vast majority of female clothes, so I play a male but I still gravitate to more... feminine clothes?
    or I just like shorts a lot. they're comfy and easy to wear.

    > which do you have more of in your collection?
    male clothes, obviously. I never rebirth to female.
    tend to sell off any clothes I don't wear, though.

    > your favourite outfit among your wardrobe stash.
    here's some of my current favourites:

    > afternoon tea jacket
    > eluned urban chilling outfit
    > romantic gothic suit
  • PSA: You can leave expired guilds now.


    it hasn't been announced elsewhere as of now (sans topics about the issue/on the unofficial discord).
  • [Submission] Atelia is Missing Screenshot Contest


    Junior reporter, reporting in on the mysterious disappearance of Atelia! Nobody knows her current whereabouts at this point in time, but I could really go for some tea right now.

    IGN: Ringabe1
    Server: Alexina
  • post your daily fashion.


    I've gotten really fond of the recent Patissiere outfit recently.

    The dark browns and reds give it a real... artisan look? You could imagine the apron as a painter's smock, too. It's a shame the idle gets old after a while, and I'm not exactly that fond of the set's hat / wig / shoes. hoping to get a duster off those hot spring monkeys eventually for the ultimate artist look lol
  • I have an honest question

    There's a simple answer to this: Nobody is allowed to have fun.

    And due to the wondrous, amazing joy of the internet, some find pleasure in trashing other people's fun - berating others for finding enjoyment in things they themselves are unable to find joy in.

    If people enjoy the lore in a game, regardless of its flaws: Let them.
    If people like the NPCs in a game, regardless if it's because of their character or because they find them cute or whatever: Let them.

    This goes for anything, really.

    Just let people have fun without ruining it for them, thanks. Just because someone finds enjoyment in things you personally don't, or are upset with things that don't hold the same weight to you personally, doesn't make it any less valid.