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don't worry, I dislike all of you.
  • PSA: You can leave expired guilds now.


    it hasn't been announced elsewhere as of now (sans topics about the issue/on the unofficial discord).
  • post your daily fashion.

    a general thread to post about what your character is wearing ingame, I guess! talk about fashion, colour coordination and give fashion tips if someone asks for it? ( or if anyone wants to hear me ramble about colours... )

    > "B-but Ringabel, there's already a topic like this - " and that's in a server-specific forum, right over here. ( ) I'm pretty sure a lot of us aren't in mari, so I thought to make a more general thread for this...!

    ( especially since the alexina thread in the old forum never really took off anyway )

    either way, I'll start!
    for once I stepped away from my favourite outfit set in the game ( ) to wear the tribal bird robe! never was lucky enough to actually make one myself when the pattern first came out, but someone offered to trade it for my mysterious robe a few days ago, so I guess I got lucky. I especially like the gold embroidery on it - it adds a nice sheen to it.


    what's interesting about this robe is that it also has anklets, which is something I didn't notice until I re-angled the camera.
  • Gacha pants outfit for female characters

    it's like the release of the wizard/witch-in training sets all over again!
    kudo's to nexon for finally releasing outfits with pants that should've been released years ago ( I remember seeing this one in the character simulator a few times, along with other variations ) but just because the textures are old, doesn't mean you can't actually pull it off? the older textures are definitely a turn off to many though, considering how different it is to newer outfits. ( which makes it less appealing to wear but that's kind of obvious )

    but what I think the most important thing to do when coordinating outfits with older items / much more dated textures is to match old items with old items? like... if you match an old outfit with gloves / shoes / headgear that are visually more newer, it'll become a rather jarring composition. it's also pretty dependent on what colours you dye it. like one could argue that yes, dying older outfits pure black will make the texture less jarring to look at but -
    it also looks like you're wearing the void, and that's not Good Aesthetic.
    > yes, pure black does that in general, I know.

    but hey, an example with one of my alts but you can make older/npc clothes look pretty good.

    is this derailment? who knows. if it is, I'm sorry.