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  • Dungeon Drop %'s Suck.

    Well I've see many new giant weapon materials drop as well 1st gen celtic weapon materials drop and I cry when I realize how insane is the grind to even get a piece of the 2nd gen celtic weapon materials in comparison to these other materials.
  • Repeal the dungeon revamp

    IMO, they should just decrease the length of the regular dungeons by like 25-30%, cause shorter dungeon = less boring = fairly spamable = not minding low rates as the dungeon could be run easily. I also think that cutting the length would help GREATLY with obtaining passes easily as less time consumed to obtain passes means I can have enough time to farm enough passes to run higher difficulties consistently.

    They made a good start with Sidhe, it isn't a long dungeon, its mechanics are good, pleasing to the eyes, good music. Its fairly spamable to attempt more tries until you get the enchant like cadenza which is rare but I don't mind spamming it since there are other aspects like echo stones grade attempts that keeps me running the dungeon.
  • This is why I shelved my guns

    If they ever fix positioning lags, that'll be the biggest, greatest and worthiest update of all times.
  • "Enchant Success Rate +10%" event another dud.

    Idk what is more trap if mabi girls or events info. They probably said that so people mass buy those enchant protections before the "weekend 10% success rate". What low key way to make people buy enchant protections. I'm very dissapointed, I wanted to enchant some stuff too! :'(
  • Change the Enchant system or rework it.

    THey should revamp some enchant scrolls. I mean, there are r9-r3 enchants that to are useless to our actual game content, they're way outdated.

    Like why would you use an enchants ex r5 with just 5 hp and 10 will? See my point? Or even r3 enchants... that no one bothered using back in old mabi but they're still there and have low stats to even consider using.