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  • Confession time

    Oh lord. Not again.
  • Good Luck Katherz Contest

    To the new up-coming surprises, and bubbles of laughter on this thrilling new chapter with your little Cheesebunz Katherz! Stay healthy~

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  • The REAL Reason Why Black-Hats Target Nexon, etc.

    Lutetium wrote: »
    Habimaru wrote: »
    As I recall, every computer has a «back door» that was designed right into the very CPU themselves (a literal «hardware» back-door), thus making it unnecessary for a news-media-aligned black-hat to have been a former employee to be able to bypass the various security checks and balances (but that is another topic for another time as I'd need to find my supreme-court case-reference or other reliable source of information which would prove that hardware back-dooring is not a joke

    Why would you need a supreme court case reference to prove that IME (Intel Management Engine) is a hardware backdoor? It's already well known and the NSA's disable switch has already been dug up. Similar functionality is also built into Intel network interface controllers, so avoid those as well.
    Of course theres reason to believe many of the baked in hardware vulnerabilities in Intel's processors are backdoors or results of backdoors as well, others are simply the result of modern processor design and are present in processors from AMD, ARM, and IBM as well however so until internal Intel documents come out confirming they're backdoors it's better to air on the side of "it's incompetence".

    The rest of your post sounds like schizophrenic-tier rantings though to be honest, theres no black hats going after Mabi it's just skiddies packet editing because Devcat lets the client do too many things it shouldn't and the server isn't designed with security in mind and just lets it through, eg the blackrobing epidemic caused by packet editing to remove other player's head equip item from their hidden inventory and use it as a camping kit, causing the character data to be considered corrupted due to missing that equip and there being no graceful fail/fallback programmed in, that specifically has been fixed for some years at least (2012? idr, whenever GMBoo was around). Video games being scapegoated for the world's problem by the media is nothing new, before that it was dungeons and dragons, rock music, etc. people who don't understand something need a simple target to blame for things, but I made this post to clarify CPU hardware vulnerabilities not discuss philosophy and human nature.

    Just let it go, I wouldn't spend anymore energy explaining things to him. On the old forums not only was it worst than this, he believes in earth being flat if I remember right (those that believe that has severe perception and 3d imagery issues), and that science taught in schools are lies with the belief student labs being conducted are wrong smh. It is also a headache reading the horrible way he types with excessive symbols. Don't encourage pls xD.
  • Moonlight Dreams

    Pino and Chio, Pino-chio, Pinocchio. How cute
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  • Spooky Halloween Screenshot Contest Submissions


    WE are The Walking Dead

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