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  • RIP conflict spam

    MashiMoto wrote: »
    Lol, typical Nexon. Reduce the one way I could make money without bs. At least give us a better alternative for those who can't always get a op group or can solo like most people. Didn't even know people can or were even botting conflict lmao sucks for them.
    ShouK wrote: »
    Conflict is the only SM I enjoy doing since it only takes like 2 minutes with good party + decent gold. Welp thank you for the unnecessary nerfed nexon

    For people whom actually do SMs and not merch, this has been the way, in most cases, to take a bit of gold from just spamming something with decently leveled players in a short amount of time. Nexon wants people to blow loads of money on NX so they can buy said gold instead of actually making it. EHM~.. I understand that there's other methods such as Wiz, Lord, etc, etc.. But Conflict spamming was the easiest to do for the 10, 20, 30 minutes of spamming for repair money, gear money, blow money, listgoeson. For the people who sit there and merch all day, everyday, having a quick and easy way to make money be poofed is Nexon saying, "wE iS SmUrT We NeEd mOrE MuNy NUUUUUUH!" (Insert Spongebob Meme). Isn't that big of a deal to most but to the some that actually do Conflict all the time for their gold because its the easiest, its a BIG-DEAL. Thanks Nexon.