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  • scythe talent please!

    second post in a day! woo! it's summer 2018 all over again! i remembered what i came here to suggest earlier, so i'm back lmao.

    anyway! we need a class that specializes in scythes. there are few mmos out there that even have scythes accessible as weapons, but there are even FEWER mmos that have classes that's main weapon is a scythe. scythes are my favorite weapon cuz they're super cool, so to even have scythes in mabi is like a dream come true, but it's depressing that there's not even a talent dedicated to it. think of all the cool skills that could come from it! i know we very rarely get new talents, but this is something i've always wanted and i wish from the bottom of my heart would become a reality T_T... the weapon idle pose would be sooo coooool....

    anyone else agree?? i know it'll never happen cuz devcat probably thinks just having a scythe in the game is enough, but i'll keep on dreaming
  • i wish we could replay generations!

    That would be cool.
    But would players be rewarded again for repeat?

    personally i wouldn't mind repeating without a reward, but i doubt anyone else would feel the same way lmao. but then again, replaying saga s1+2 gives rewards even after completing it, so i don't see why replaying gens wouldn't be treated the same :>
  • i wish we could replay generations!

    i originally came here to post something completely different but then i got distracted and forgot was it was lmao. but whatever, i have another thing i wanted to suggest anyway.

    i wish we had the ability to replay generations without needing to make an entirely new character. i play mabi for its story, i've always been incredibly enamored with it and all of the characters and i'm pretty bummed out that there's no way to replay gens that we've already completed. especially now that chapter 6 has ended, i miss my boy altam and honestly i miss g20 entirely. that was such a good gen, it felt so involved and it was just so much fun! and im pissed i got talvish's title instead of altam's. give me that title >_>

    sure you could say i could go watch a walkthrough of the gens on youtube if i want a story refresher, but who wants to do that??? not me. plus actually playing it for yourself is so much more fun and i like to run around and interact with the characters.

    i doubt the NA team can implement things like this without KR's consent or something like that, but it's something i've been wanting for a very long time. there's so much i don't remember cuz of how long its been since i played them u_u... am i alone in wanting this?
  • is there a way to block forum members?

    Zephyrmaru wrote: »
    This is probably the wrong section, I think it'd be under help to be honest. But I doubt anyone minds too much.

    To answer your question, not that I know of. If there is, it might require the mods to flip on a hidden blacklist or something. Personally all I can suggest is asking yourself "am I enjoying it here outside of this certain individual?". If you really enjoy posting, or even just lurking, and the one person's posts are just a rotten egg in the middle of every conversation, then you'll have to endure it for the sake of the site. If you kinda just enjoy checking up on this place once in awile, and when you do check in its "oh god there they are again, nothings changed x_x", then I'd suggest just finding an alternate place for mabi information.

    There are multiple discords devoted to mabi and their servers that are fun to hang out in, and if you're in a guild, your guild leader might have a discord set up. Mine does, and I check it for information and game talk. Guild chat itself might be a better place where you can cultivate a positive environment around you as well. But thank you for making the forums a cleaner place and not just lashing out at said individual every time they post, or trying to shame them. Good luck o/

    thank you for the reply!! i see ;;... well that sucks. i really like it here but they're literally in every post trying to start some type of fight and they're always talking about how edgy everyone is while they themselves are being edgy. they're just so rude and annoying, i don't know how they haven't been banned.

    well... considering i'm my own guild leader i don't think that option would work, aha. i'm in a few mabi discord servers but i don't really look in them cuz the conversation topics aren't interesting and are very rarely mabinogi related, which is why i always just come here. i'm not a very confrontational person, so even if i wanted to i wouldn't go and yell at the person in question, i'd rather just vague them in a forum post lol ^^;; thank you again though, i hope either they just stop being a jerk or i learn to put up with it.
  • is there a way to block forum members?

    i'm not going to name names, but i keep seeing this person in a multitude of threads and they're just so snarky and kind of rude for no reason so i'm getting anxious just by seeing them. is there any way to block forum members so i don't see their replies/posts? i'm to the point where i don't want to come to the forums anymore because this persons presence is enough to make me uncomfortable and nervous. also i'm very sorry if this is in the wrong section, i'm not really accustomed to making threads.