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April 13, 1998
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Just a sweet potato that wrestles with life and enjoys making others happy.
  • [Closed] ✩°。⋆SquidChip Shop⋆。°✩ *July 3rd Notice*

    July 3rd 2020 Update

    Hello once again everyone~ Long time no update.. ; v;)/

    I just wanted to finally show up and properly address the very long absence/no updates from me and my SquidChip Shop.
    I’ve left wonderful people on wait without update for almost a year and it always fills me with deep regret thinking about this...
    Even if you only submit a form, I’m always completely grateful for everyone who likes my art enough to order a commission from me; at the same time, it becomes disappointing if you’re left waiting for your turn on said commission for a very long time without word. And so, I wish to extend my apologies about neglecting this shop/communication, and for the expectations I couldn’t meet in regards to those who had been kind enough to send in a form to my shop and had been waiting all this time. (;v;)

    I’ve decided, personally, that the best course of action for me and everyone will be to close SquidChip Shop, and I will not be opening another shop for an indefinite time, which will be until I’m in a better position and have finally adopted a set-up and work habit that will keep this incident from repeating itself.
    I won't be continuing on with waiting list/orders I haven't started (not including Nyuuhokusai's final order, which I'll be getting too as we've previously discussed). I decided this was the more responsible course of action as I'm not confident I can finish them all in a timely manner at this point in time.
    I’ll be sending everyone on my waitlist a personal message reiterating this.
    And for now, moving forward, I'll work to make sure this will not happen again and I will reflect and focus on bettering my art skills for the next time we meet! (;v;)9

    But really really really thank you all again for your interest, love, support, and patience for me all this time.(;v;) <3
    - Squiddy
  • Wynnie's Commissions [PP/Gold] - OPEN

    Bump bump~ Isn’t this shop great~? Don’t you wanna order some beautiful art~? Do it do it! ♡♡٩(o°▽°o )و
  • [Closed] ✩°。⋆SquidChip Shop⋆。°✩ *July 3rd Notice*

    Hello everyone ^^ another important update to the shop is happening!☆
    Because of the recent..ish (haha I’m so bad at updating) server merge (and also the advice of pushy♡ and loving friends who have told me I’m underpricing haha) I’ve decided to update my gold prices to hopefully reflect a more fair exchange. ^^

    Gold prices will now be equal to USD price at a $1 USD = 1M gold rate.

    This post is just to reiterate the changes made to the front page.

    Once again I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to customers on my current waitlist. As I work I will be sure to be message all of you beforehand, when I am close to getting to work on your commission, to notify you of the changes as a fair heads up! Thank you all very deeply for your understanding! ><[/i]

    A: Kirichan101

    What made you choose the name when you started?
    A: I thought Kirichan would be a cute name to suit her appearance! Unfortunately it was one of those common names that would obviously get chosen. I didn’t want any random numbers at the end or my birthday so... it happened... “101” cringe.

    Did you ever wish you could change it? If so, why?
    A: “101”... shivers.
    Tbh I realized how attached I am to it once name change was actually possible hahahaha. Though it’s still awkward hearing the serious NPC dialogue as they call you “Kirichan 1 0 1”

    A: Ruairi ~

    Is the server you first chose the one you played on the most?
    A: Yup! Chose Ruairi and played on it my whole Mabi life!

    Is there a specific reason you chose it over others?
    A: I’m a go-by-feel kind of person haha. Ruairi felt it could be nice. (Turned out to be a nice place after all! ^^)

    A: 2009

    How old were you when you started? (Optional)
    A: 11 at the time. Pretty young!

    What kept you playing?
    A: Mabi is great ;; isn’t Mabi great? There are a lot of flaws but honestly the foundations of this game are unique! Irreplaceable! Or at least, they hold a special place in my heart.

    A: A light, pearly pink? (#E7CCBA! Has anyone seen the rare & elusive #E7CCBA!!?) white, black, sometimes light gold. And baby blue & white.

    Do you incorporate your favorite color?
    A: Yup! As long as it will look good!

    How many different color schemes do you think you’ve gone through?
    A: ;-; A lot. I had that color identity crisis, you know? But somehow pink has always been somewhere in there so... congratulations pink, you’ve survived the color scheme apocalypse. Even now I have a lot of different color schemes and still changing ><

    A: It’s homey & you can kinda do whatever the heck you want. It’s also visually my thing so I’m happy (´∀`)

    What is your favorite location in mabi? Why?
    A: Doki-doki island! Become permanent! ヽ(;▽;)ノ But besides that, I’ve always thought Emain Macha was beautiful as well as Physis cause it’s a snowy wonderland~

    If there was one thing you could change about mabi, what would it be?
    A: Did you know Mabi is home to a lot of couples? Did you know that Mabi has made a lot of couples?? But there are hardly any couple actions in this game??? We’ve been flexing our imagination to the 18th dimension just to get those sweet, tooth decaying screenshots! Help make this easier! Give us a princess cary! give us a lap pillow! give us a simple hug gesture even! Just give us anything to melt hearts!! I’m in love with my darn butler partner for goodness sakes just let the couples live! (That fake proposal button pains me btw but don’t take it away cause I need it for fake couple shots.)

    (P.s. and please fix my sister’s hair. She’s been waiting for that Caitin hair revamp since it was.. revamped. Haha)

    A: Can I say Beaut? Does my butler NPC character Belzebeaut count?
    ( *`ω´) He’s my cat-hatted, demon butler who likes strawberries & his weekly salary. He’s pretty aloof for most of the part but you can tell he secretly cares even when he throws his gift at you.

    For real NPCs ><.. Eiren is definitely one! My favorite femme fatale she’s so cool & charismatic as a mentor figure. I fell in love!❤️_:(´ཀ`」 ∠):
    Special mention to: Llywelyn/Altam (I— just look at them), Merlin cause he treats you like a normal person/friend & not some super deity, war weapon : (;゙゚'ω゚'):, Akule, Young Tarlach, & Pierrick (Like his design & I miss the time when he wasn’t confined to the Tailteann general store & would hop around Dugald Aisle with sheep following him~)

    Who is your least favorite? Why?
    A: Cichol is such a busybody. And Ruairi dear, IF YOU HAD TAKEN A SECOND TO LISTEN—

    Which generation did you enjoy the most?
    A: I think I felt a lot of hype during the Saga episodes so I’ll choose those haha

    YOUR FIRST RANK 1 Skill? (If applicable)
    A: I think it was combat mastery?? If I remember right.

    When talents were made what did you master first?
    A: Fighter!

    What did you Grandmaster first?
    A: ٩( ᐛ )و

    A: A white ostrich named Chocobochi!

    How old is your first pet?
    3472 days old or 497 years past 25! World's (not really) longest living ostrich! haha

    Which is your favorite pet?
    A: I really like my Snow Tiger “Lnarec” (pronounced in my head “Lunar-ec” because I bought/named him on a lunar eclipse.) But if it’s a pet I don’t have, the Kokopo ( +v+) is super cute cause it’s a big floofy birb.

    Does.. Beaut count—*slapped*

    A: My older sister! We started playing around the same time & we do everything together. (´∇`)

    Do they still play?
    A: Yup! Still out here kickin it with me like the Mabi geezers we are.

    Are you still Friends?
    A: Yup. If we weren’t that would be a tragic origins story ε-(´∀`; )

    A: I’ve never joined one Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ when I joined I had some tight, mom instilled socializing rules haha.

    What’s your Current Mabi guild?
    A: Still don’t have one... some habits die hard lol
    But I do have some guild friends I want to invite from another game & if I can succeed, & they make a guild here, I’m gonna join that one!!

    Have you ever led a guild?
    A: I would assume not~


    Thanks for this raffle! (´∇`)
    Here is a picture of Beaut!



  • [Closed] ✩°。⋆SquidChip Shop⋆。°✩ *July 3rd Notice*

    welcome back Kamo_Te

    Brave~ (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`) Thank you!! It's good to be back~