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  • [COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance - June 3rd

    Honestly hoping that an inactive name purge comes accompanied with this at a future date. Considering the reason we are consolidating servers are due to inactivity, and limiting new people from being able to discover the game without their name being taken by someone who was transferred but still doesn't play. If we can keep track of inactive pets, we can keep track of inactive players!
  • The Finale?

    I honestly don't think it's that "idiotic" or surprising that some people are a little misled by the subtitle "Finale"
    If you are someone who played the Open Beta and played during the prime of the NA release, and have spent a literal DECADE growing up, then coming back to see "finale" under a game you're surprised is still around -- you are going to be misled.

    Not all of us are active within the game. Some people go to the forums and ask questions because they are prospective players rather than current. We do not know that it means the finale of a certain line of generational quests as opposed to the game in its entirety. If you need anymore empiricism or support on why someone would be confused, perhaps look into the "final plan" event that's been going on for...months. Not that I'm complaining but it was free stuff ontop of free stuff and if anyone here has ever been around for an MMO going away, that's usually one of the first signs, as well as there only being one significantly popular server ( one that I will not have to name because of how significant is) amidst 4.

    Not everyone thinks the same way and there are way more factors in someone asking questions. If you think someone is an idiot because they thought the game was ending, you should repeat the mantra "I am not what you think I am, you are what you think I am."

    Regardless, no, the game is not ending. But do not let someone call you an idiot or attempt to make you look dumb because you thought so.
  • Purge the ghosts. Name wipe.

    The title pretty much says it all. There's a significant lack of naming availability and judging by the answers of my last thread about the creation of a new server - not enough people play anymore to necessitate a new one, I feel the same can be said about taken names of people who do not play the game.

    Bonus points if you can tell me if a name wipe has been done on Mabinogi before
  • It May Be Time For A New Server!

    What? No!

    Leinei said no as well but provided a reason -- is yours the same? If this isn't a good idea I want to know learn from everyone as to why.
  • It May Be Time For A New Server!

    After playing through Ruairi, Alexina's release, and then going back to an original server like Tarlach -- I believe it's time for another new server!
    I know this requires much more than "do this" -- but having a new place to start out, a new cache of available names to choose from, and over-all a chance at another different in-game economy seems like the perfect additional option for returning and new players alike. A chance to break those seal stones we've seen so much of could be in our grasp. This is an opportunity to meet new players in the soul stream, and seems only fitting for a lasting game such as Mabinogi now celebrating it's 10th anniversary!

    After voting in the popularity contest, it seems like we could use the winner's name as an applicable new server title, unless devs have something better up their sleeves (and I would not be surprised!) but please take this into serious consideration. I've deleted and restarted many characters, put plenty of money into the game, and would not mind continuing.

    If the dev notes are true, I know someone will read this eventually and perhaps toss the idea around. If you do, thank you for any consideration.