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  • Nexon Merch Store is Back!

    Thanks this picture helped a lot. The weird peeled parts of the sticker made me think the acrylic was banged up when made lol.
  • What a joke. I want a refund, seriously.

    You are so toxic, blame the consumers for an item that doesn't even list that it can only be repaired by quills; while older spell books always listed it was quill only, what else are people suppose to assume?. Don't forget the few people that jumped ship to sell their divine spellbooks and ended up losing probably more then the gacha books. Its mostly NX fault for not labeling it like other spell books so people know from instantly reading the item description if they should buy or not. People shouldn't assume all spell books are quill now that we have divine spell books and gachas seem to try add power creeps into it like with abyss, saint guardian, re-release of haunted, eirie enchants, etc. This book looked like gacha version of divine spell book since that one is really expensive and grindy to make.
  • Auction Changes/Updates Suggestion

    Can you change auction search method to be similar to housing board like example, you type Eluned which will show all the possible eluned clothing options?
    Can you lock out the buyout option if item is bidded on, cause it seems trolling when item that was bidded on by multiple people and ending soon to just be buyout on, making the whole bidding war pointless?
    Can items bidded on or bought not take up auction slots, so we don't have to waste a selling slot for buying slots?
    Can missing items be added to auction like Cat Helm, Sky Dragon Wear (like Sky Dragon boots are in auction but not armor???), Gamyu Wizard Robe Armor and boots, and pet medals, etc?
  • Festia Instant Prize

    All the wings are gone on Alexina and I just logged in. I used all 25k gold and 700+ coins just to get pon, training seals, and chain slash boxes. I don't know why they have to troll by showing red or blue boxes only to give you the chain slash box. Wheres the holiday spirit???????????
  • Fix Capture Watermelon Event

    Sphyra21 wrote: »
    Blue is the cooler color XD.

    And people whining about elf speed is kind of annoyin'. There's an event goin' on right now that's Giant only, it's nice havin' an event where bein' an elf has the advantage. Besides you can just play the event on your elf if you're so salty about unfair speeds. Also things like Wave Sweeper and Fleet Feet make the speed argument invalid anyway. I myself have neither.

    But I do agree that this event wasn't very well thought out. I'd like it if the following changes were made:
    - All members of both teams get a prize with members of the winning team receiving 2 boxes instead of 1.
    - Only team members who have scored 5 or more points for their team can receive a prize box.
    - At 10 min to match end, no new players may join.
    - Style Tab should be disabled (not that I really care about this part but so many people are whining about it. I have no problem tellin' what team people are on)
    - As far as speed goes just disable March Song, Wave Sweeper and Fleet Feet. I see no real reason to reduce elf/giant speed other than to appease salty humans lol
    - And let the event go on all day for cryin' in a bucket! this narrow time window is really silly

    Yes, yes I realize I've stepped on some elf-basher toes, but oh well an elf can only take so much ;P

    Please even with fleet feet as a human you still get out sped by a giant and can't even catch an elf. Fleet feet humans can only outrun non speed humans. Also, events that are pvp based shouldn't give a race benefits that just unfair. That like making a melee pvp event were duel wielding races would trump the elves that would be unfair.