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  • Multi-button mice allowed?

    People use bots/scripts to AFK train skills for hours, and Nexon doesn't care.

    You'll be fine. I wouldn't ask any Nexon employees because they'll probably feel obligated to tell you not to use it.
  • Do people have no manners during training?


    You guys "tried to help" OP with disparaging remarks about his/her choice to train at Logging Camp. Suggesting other places would be fine, except these locations are irrelevant to the subject of the thread, and you guys are only mentioning them in order to trivialize OP's issue.

    You basically came in here and said, "OP your problem is stupid because you can just train at __(objectively worse)__ place." This is a completely useless suggestion because OP clearly stated in the FIRST POST that he/she is willing to just CC to a different channel. And you wonder why he/she would get frustrated with these responses?
  • Do people have no manners during training?


    Any thread with a topic where opinions can potentially differ (ie most threads) will end up having arguments. Arguments are not inherently bad. They are a natural form of discourse that occurs when people have different viewpoints. We should only worry when the arguments become exceedingly nasty or off-topic, which is not the case in this thread.

    Also, this is the General Chat section. As long as it's related to Mabinogi and follows the forum guidelines, OP can post whatever he/she wants here. If you think his/her thread is pointless or doesn't deserve attention, it would probably be in your best interest NOT to reply to it, since doing so will just bump it and help garner more publicity.

    Regarding the thread itself, I think OP had a very legitimate reason to bring up this topic. I don't know about OP, but this general trend of indifference towards other people is a problem I never experienced in any other MMORPG. Even in other Nexon games like Maplestory, the majority of players I encountered had the consideration and respect to stay out of each other's way during training. What's happening in Mabinogi is atypical, and it definitely warrants a discussion.

    At the very least, hopefully some players will see this thread and take care not to do something similar in the future. The people defending this rude behavior are not helping at all, however.
  • Do people have no manners during training?


    Why close the thread because people are off-topic? That's unfair to those who actually want to discuss the original subject, which I still see happening.

    Almost every thread in these forums gets derailed to some degree. No need to single this one out.
    [Deleted User]Greta
  • Do people have no manners during training?


    I'm find it odd that you would suggest this now.

    Since the beginning of this thread, people have been bashing OP for his/her choice of training at raccoons. Some of them have suggested other (objectively worse) locations, which is fine and dandy, but kind of useless since OP has clearly stated that he/she is willing to just CC to an empty channel. And a lot of these people aren't even talking about the actual point of OP's thread, which is the lack of basic MMORPG etiquette he/she has experienced when it comes to competing over resources.

    So people have been off-topic since the beginning of this discussion, but now is the time to close it?
    Greta[Deleted User]