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August 26, 1998
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Im a cat Meow!
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Apocathery, Alexina, Former Mari, Veteran of 2008
  • ♥Dani's FREE Chibi Art♥ *CLOSED FOR NOW*

    Cute!!!! Thank you for Drawing my Ding Ding!!!!!!!!
  • ♥Dani's FREE Chibi Art♥ *CLOSED FOR NOW*

    Hey would appreciate if you took the time to draw my dingding!!!

    Character Name: Dingigraphi
    Character Picture:
    Pose: Stretching
    Personality: Sweet and Cheerful!
  • This event is terrible

    I was generally excited for this event because of the 10x17 bag coupon that came with it. Now that i've had to do the same thing for a week straight now. I now realize that this even is extremely Boring and very stupid. i spend almost 1hour and 30 minutes using up 130 baits everyday. just to get 60 or so boxes, that contain nothing but a cheap fabric or even some leather scraps. ill admit having those buff potions are nice to have. but they expire in 6 or so days, making it hard for me to use them in time. the same applies to the walk speed potions and the party feathers.

    There is nothing to look forward to with this even but the Panda hat and the Bag. The panda hat is a pain in butt mainly because it has the second lowest drop chance of even being dropped, and the issue is that it is gender specific. so you could get very luck and fish one up. but wait your a female and you just got one for a male, or vise versa! The panda hat itself is adorable but is not worth the struggle of actually getting one.

    But the bag, omg that stupid bag. I have hoped and prayed just to open 1 of these boxes and see that coupon be placed into my bag. but guess what at this rate that dream will more then likely not happen seeing that it has a -1% chance of even dropping in the first place. I have a greater chance of having a falling apple hit me on the head and killing me. then getting that bag coupon. Its so rare that i havn't even seen 1 person on any of the discord communities that i'm in even say " I JUST GOT THE BAG!!!". Not a single one.

    The quests are pretty rough as-well, collect 300 Glacier Smelt to get a chair that doesn't even look good. is pretty bad. I would be more happy getting 300 Glacier smelt. for the bag itself then fishing up crates that could give me a coupon... Keyword (COULD)!!!!! simply taking out The unneeded fishing rod and replacing that with the Title and bumping the 10x17 bag as the finale quest reward would be so much easier for people then praying to god that they get the bad that they want.

    Not only do i have to collect 300 glacier Fish, But if i don't Complete it that very day it resets the very next So i have heard from multiple people. making this process a living nightmare and rather unfair to players. so now i've got to hold 15 stacks of fish in my bag just to do the quest. and until i have 300 i cant do it. I have even had 1 friend quit the game because of this event and its pain in the neck tendencies.

    Either this post helps nexon with the next event or not. my Opinion and state of mind on this event wont change. I wouldn't even be doing this event if it weren't for my sister needing Bags. instead i'm over here in the vales for an hour each day fishing up nothing but. gems, buyable mats, and broken potions.
  • Roulette Bingo Event

    Idk if i should be mad or completely aggravated. Congrats you have picked up your bingo card now you will spend 4 days trying to get that board completed. You get your stamp? Well did you use it when your almost done. Bad news!!! IT Does jack garbage. used mine at 4 away... Didn't work i still had 4. and then the chance of the number's that i need to complete the first bingo card, are so like 4% So it Chances are i will be spending all day trying to get just 1 of those numbers. Wait whats that you also get a bento box once you collect 10 acorns that you cant use until you complete a few cards? well guess what you are going to have about 50 of them before you get it so, your screwed. whats bad is they only stack up to 5 and they are 2x2's so therefor they eat space like crazy, no mean to complain on forums but this event is kinda dumb...