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Siralexander from Alexina, also known to call myself Honest Alex and not afraid to say I'm an *** hole at times but im only human. If you need a friend (I know I do) or someone to run dungeons with hit me up.


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October 29, 1993
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Life is brief and fragile... enjoy what you can while you can.
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I'm an aussie playing since around the start of G7? (a little before thunderbirds first came out)
  • My internship (current afk spot)


    Mr Goronu promised me a position in the Commerce association after I complete all the sales and purchases... oh another trader is coming... more sales to report...
  • A dayout


    Strossvaron here, Just taking a break from hauling commerce goods across the world to enjoy a dayout at a concert hosted by Miserable, Vincennes, Skylanyte (Song Composer)and Nymphalii. I look forward the their next event but back to work for me, those commerce goods won't haul themselves across iria's deserts, snowfields and forests.
  • Dan Test Revamp

    The nature of the Dan Test require the rng of spawning and aggro to be in your favour for certain ones such as Charge and for your latency to be extremely good, this is because of skills responding as intended for those with good latency often being the fools that remark to get good.

    My suggestions are that you try running the Dan Tests yourself on 300 ping and than make the adjustments to the timer, point rewards.
    My alternative suggest is you remove this content that is affective barred because of rng and latency.

    Don't get me wrong, certain skills are easier but what's the point if you can't complete the whole list because the game was designed with a Korean infrastructure in mind, but I assume the NA team has limited control so if you must forward the request/demand to your Korean Overlords with your fastest ravens please.
  • Easier Dan tests

    So im running the Charging strike dan test to go from Dan 2 -> Dan 3 and need 12000 points. The problem lies in you earn points at a random amount when you land a hit from next to 0 to 100 and maybe 1 200 point hit each attempt of the test, the other way is to kill the enemy with the charging strike. Now lets introduce the enemy, the New gremlin. The genius who though this up needs some mental re-adjusting, the new gremlin basicly pings every 2nd to 3rd hit and will either instant hit you, run out of your range or chase after you because the fighter skill seems to love displacing you so your never where you are on screen. This basicly means the only way to achieve this is either you get all crits and next to no pings or you have some magical power to predict when they will ping and can time counters only for those turns because if you use it for every gremlin you wont have enough time to earn points in the time it takes to load.

    ... why do I need to spend millions of gold for a 1 in a billion chance to get half the requirement for dan 3? nexon why must you make everything rng and not skill?
  • List of things that annoy you in the game.

    DFDFD wrote: »

    I know your suffering brother... So many acorns