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  • Re:ZERO x Mabinogi Events

    Negumiko wrote: »
    so if we have to complete the daily Avoiding Ulgarms (repeat) 3 times to get 1 count and need 9 counts total to get all 3 prizes how do we do that in a week? 9 days is longer then week, so the description does not give a lot of info. can we get that Avoiding Ulgarms (repeat) 3 times quest more then once a day?

    The (repeat) quest isn't a daily; you get a new one when you enter the RP after clearing the previous (repeat) quest. Also you need 18 counts total, which means 54 total successful RP completions. You can get a new quest for 5 Metia once per Erinn day by talking to Subaru (resets at 6AM).
    Sebastian wrote: »
    Is there a difference between the 'Camp' 2nd titles from the Weekly Missions and the normal 2nd titles from the Coupon Shop? And if so, how different?

    The 'Camp' box you get gives you one of the title coupons from the shop; specifically one (randomly chosen) of a character who is part of that/those camp(s). In the anime there are five candidates to become the new ruler; '[name] camp' refers to the characters who are aligned with that/those candidates.
  • Holiday in Erinn

    AFK Events aren't classified as such because they incentivize or force you to AFK; the point is that they don't incentivize you to do anything significant other than staying logged in, which means people will end up AFKing for the reward. Whatever Annie says is entirely inconsequential if it has no effect on the event.

    You could see AFK Events as a betrayal of the player's expectation that an "Event" is a special occasion that offers entertainment through some significant form of active participation (or certain forms of passive entertainment like performances). From the company's perspective, events are about retaining or boosting player engagement and what we end up classifying as "AFK Event" is simply the cheapest and easiest version of that (next to "logintoimmediatelyreceivefreestuff" events). As you imply, "the reward is an incentive to be logged in so you can do all the same things you could do outside of the event". Does that excite you?

    Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the freebies and I'll gladly take them but let's not pretend that the NPC's inconsequential flavor-text excuse makes this event anything other than what it is.
  • Phoenix Egg Event

    Greta wrote: »
    I hate this event with passion. The worst part is that i was thinking about this event few days ago and i said to myself as i was thinking: "People complain about needing to wait 2 hours for 6 flower bouquet's, but they forgot Phoenix Egg Event which required you to afk for a whole day and you still get crap rewards." I guess i jinxed it rofl.

    What annoys me even more is the fixed hatching time at which you can't reasonably expect Europeans (3-5am) and Oceanians (work/school hours) to be logged in; effectively ensuring they can't get the second coupon.
  • Uplifting Event

    The premise might be depressing but that makes the goal of helping her become independent that much more uplifting, don't you think?
    JazmynRadiant DawnPeloi
  • Attendance event

    Do you have another HS figure installed that gives at least 15 SP (like Lia Fail)? The bonuses don't stack (with the exception of Sequel Figures); the one with the highest value will be applied.