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  • Harmon's Flower Tree Event! 4/30-5/21

    Mabi6 wrote: »
    I'm half sure that we were supposed to get a chance at a homestead pergola with this event.

    Japan didn't get it either from what I can tell... maybe it's only in the China version. Sometimes they change events for us. It looks really nice though so I hope we do eventually get it, and I hope it's in an event and not in a gacha


    the potions are kinda pathetic, I agree. You can get 2 boxes on every character of your account so depending on how many characters you have that's a decent amount of boxes per day if you put in the effort. I definitely am happy about the 1 x 1 trees!! I can replace some of my other trees in my homestead to make the forest around the perimeter more dense. Some of those trees were 5 x 5! Glad to be able to replace them with 1 x 1 versions
  • [COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance - February 27th

    Juliet1972 wrote: »
    Congress this is Myelvensis on Nao but thanks again for that FAST run of Rabbie Basic in 900 seconds but I need a Magical Golden AND Silver Thread to try making an Item Fishing Pole W22 because I am Rank 5 Fishing!!!

    @Juliet1972 You can actually synthesize the golden and silver threads. for each one you need either gold or silver ore (depending on which you're making), then 1 common fabric, 1 common silk per thread
  • Please Revamp Certain Festia Diary requirements

    Some of the Festia Diary requirements for certain mini-games seem far too difficult or even impossible to complete. For instance, in the hammer slam section, it expects you to win or lose hammer slam by EXACTLY 100 points up to 100 times!! I've known people that still have 0/100 on both of these after literal years. The hammer slam scores are always random so it's really really really hard to win or lose by exactly 100 points. That requirement is absolutely ridiculous. Another really tough requirement is in shooting gallery. I have never once gotten a score above 1,900 points and it wants me to do it 30 times!! I think my highest score is somewhere in the 1,700's. I think maybe some of these things should be revamped to be easier on people with less speedy connections, and to not be nearly impossible in the first place. If anyone can suggest any other Festia things that could use a change please post in this thread. These are the only ones I personally find a problem with

    thanks for reading

    IGN: Darvy
    Server: Nao
  • 4th Squire

    KR even had an additional item that allowed them to get a 6th squire. we never got that one, and we only got the one for squires 4 an 5 once. Idk why they're ignoring that content for us :/
  • The Server UN-merge Discussion Thread

    Someone hit the egg-na-nog really hard this christmas