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  • Fourth of July 2019 Event

    ok so the rates weren't actually nerfed. apparently the chances of getting higher than 17cm are really low after midnight, and once noon hits, the chance of hitting over 17 cm goes higher and higher up until midnight PST. It wasn't explained on the event page so a lot of people including me got confused why we used like 50 fireworks and got no box. lol .... anyways sorry if I spread misinformation
  • Divine Blade with stance card question

    Well I mean there's "No" and then there's "No, but it seems bugged"

    my reply is the latter
  • Your final screenshot on your server.


    this probably isn't the final one though... I don't think the game is down for another 8 hours
  • Can we please have the VIP update?


    When you realize VIP revamp was at the top of the "Future Updates" list. They were hinting to the sale in the campfire video etc talking about people with current VIP will get updated (LOL?!? If they have any LEFT after waiting 6+ months??). We've gotten everything on the list except G23 (which is probably soon), crossover, and name change (which likely comes with server merge) before the VIP revamp. That includes the server merge that was at the bottom of the list with a question mark next to it. I can't help but be really salty right now. I've tried to keep my opinions about it fairly silent because I know I'm kinda disliked for being a complainer but COME ON! There were too MANY things hinting at the revamp being really soon, and many people that bought the VIP now feel tricked. This is not cool. Haven't been this annoyed since the Battle School Outfit / AP event thing or the Creepy/Haunted released directly after Fierce accessories....

    There's only a few bad things Nexon has done that have stuck with me over the years. This will be one of them


    ^ me finally snapping about this
  • Can we please have the VIP update?

    Oh believe me, I'm feeling extremely baited from this as well. it's the only reason I bought the VIP on sale... and it seems like it was a market strategy of theirs because no one was buying it -_- The campfire guy mentioned the sale an so did a couple GM's at the time-- right after mentioning the "VIP revamp". I bought 9 months because I thought it was gonna be revamped even before G22 or giant update. boy was I totally bamboozled. I kinda want my money back, or some extra months of VIP added, but well... it's my fault right? >_>; for assuming something. ugh
    Hellkaizer wrote: »
    Katherz said vip sale was for a reason, nearly 7 months ago. I think I've been pretty patient.

    This ._. I do NOT want to put the blame on Katherz, she's just a messenger. Wasn't even CM yet at the time. I just would like some kind of response on this. It would be nice....
    Gaea wrote: »
    Lets get through the merge first before we worry about anything else. They've knocked quite a few things off the list so far. Name change and vip updates are coming. Patience.

    Easy for you to say. You probably didn't 'waste' money on almost a year of VIP. and yes, current VIP IS a 'waste'. :/ I had absolutely NO intention of buying the VIP even on sale because it's a waste, but I was under the impression there was a reason for the sale meaning VIP revamp SOON.