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  • Can we please have the VIP update?

    Greta in KR they updated VIP and reduced the price as well. I don't think it would be any higher than the 14-ish dollars a month we pay now but I guess it could go a bit higher? definitely not 30 though
  • Can we please have the VIP update?

    a lot of current VIP is already kinda obsolete... infinite continent warp is nice but not needed if you have the traveler's guide and some pocket change.

    as for the updated VIP ..... the VIP daily items in KR give much better items now like nao stones and SE pots, a box you can open and CHOOSE what remote shop coupon you want (that's right... no longer forces you to take pointless administrative office coupons). the daily items give cute chat bubble stickers and other items. you can access your daily VIP items through the bank tabs for each character rather than having to log on every single one. The reduced dura loss it still there, you can change channel while in commerce, you can make bigger checks and have a lower fee on checks. Combo cards become time unlimited. There's a lot of added benefits that we don't currently have

    they've had 2 revamps in fact.... one was nearly 3 years ago and one was a little over a year ago I think. I've been asking for us to get a revamp since the first revamp they did. :/
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  • About the fishing event...

    They can still participate. They can get 150 bait a day for free. One must talk to Tibby after the daily reset.

    I didn't even have to talk to Tibby :P I just logged in today and 100 bait was shoved in my face
  • About the fishing event...

    well it's day 2 now and fruit is still there so it either changes weekly or it's gonna be fruit the entire time. At least the fruit is sellable and in Mari a 500% fruit sells for up to 700k so a 300% fruit can sell and pay for a good 3-5 day worth of bait :D there ya go!!
  • An Interesting Tale