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  • c7 and g22 SPOILERS**********************

    Greta wrote: »
    WHY!? I clicked this thread and all i saw was images full of spoilers!

    Please use spoiler tag and add "SPOILERS" in title name... >_>

    ......what did it spoil, exactly? These are all things shown in a trailer to KR public BEFORE RELEASE during a special live event. So what exactly is the SPOILER here? if it's a spoiler for us then it's also a spoiler for the Korean players who went to that event then??? give me a break already!! It' not spoiling jack --
  • You can get a ton of free ap relatively easy

    you can get it even faster if you spam the baltane mission counterattack every ingame day and make sure to find the sneaky disciple because he drops 5-10 ap worth of ap seals quite often, and the ap seals also drop in the end chests. you don't even have to wait a week to get that 50 from an alt or bother to level the alt. just kill sneaky disciples and let the ap roll in. I got 90 ap in a day once and I was barely trying
  • Wait what's with those wigs?!....

    not really a fan of those marching outfits and whatever outfit that is below them... just like I wasn't really a fan of black swan. everything lately is looking so .... cheap? Not really the word I'm going for because it's nicely detailed, but at the same time it's just rehashing of existing outfits. Marching thing is like a reskin of nutcracker or Birnam Marching Uniform while black swan was a rehash of swan lake dress. the one below marching uniform looks like a merge of royal rose and something else. the homestead stuff is ok, but I'm already running out of space in my homestead again


    Oh jeez... XD
  • This is me lately

    That's me! ..... except when I learned people going to AX are getting a free bunny tail that's exclusive to AX and future forum contests only. Actually that's not enough salt for me

    Btw looking for someone willing to get me a code for said item... :c
  • Re:ZERO Crossover In Mabinogi Japan

    We got MMO Junkie fairly fast after Japan, but it was not literally 1 WEEK after Japan. have patience... we will get it. give it 1-2 months at the least before begging lol