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  • Poisonous Mushroom Stew Use? D:

    so you sell them for barely more than the cost to make them. not even worth it

    that's just my opinion though
  • Why are people killing the market on purpose?

    buzzwords you say.... :thinking:

    I had a spicy meme to post but I don't wanna get banned :|
  • (KR) Interaction Maker Update!

    I started reading this and I was hoping for physical interactions like holding cats, petting dogs etc. ah well... guess we're gonna see a lot of unnecessary text in the chat logs in the future
  • What a joke. I want a refund, seriously.

    GTCvActium wrote: »
    Arjune wrote: »
    People were actually harassing someone over a stupid book?

    Its actually a book of Eldritch Lore and reading it summons outworldly evils to feast upon our mind, bodies and souls in a series of sadism, depravity, and Disney musical acts.

    Speaking of Disney musical acts.... I think this song fits both this book situation and the winter royal theme

  • AH add recent history?!

    I think she means if she doesn't have the item herself. Let's say she wants a puppet theater outfit, and she wants to offer on one that someone is selling... but she doesn't know the value... she'd want to use the AH to find the most recent price, but since she doesn't own the item she can't check it by trying to list it. If no one has it listed she can't check it that way either. She could ask the person selling it to try listing it to see the recent price, but they could just lie. It's not exactly good to go by that price anyways because I was lucky enough to find a grand scarlet nightstalker outfit for 12 mil.... and no one has sold it for less than 30 since then. it's not like just because someone sold it for a certain price that everyone else should feel obligated to use that price. For instance if some weirdo sold that puppet theater recently for 4 mil and it was on average worth 9 mil.... you can't expect some seller to just blindly sell for 4 because it last sold for that.