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  • Guild Wars Exploit

    FayeKaiba wrote: »
    This is not an exploit because the person was in your guild and they joined the guild war party. Limiting your members to being high ranked and strong to the party only is a fast track to having people not want to be in your guild. This was just a person being a bad sport.

    WHEW that's a molten spicy hot take right there.... I think maybe you shoulda thought your reply out more before you posted it because jeez did you miss the point. They didn't simply join the guild war party they made the party and then hijacked it. that absolutely should not be allowed. I honestly don't think you read past the first few sentences of the thread
  • [WARNING KR SPOILERS]Giant Update (if we get it?)

    remember guys they did say that they know people will be upset and they'll work on more balancing. I was really surprised about this update, but I guess it's what KR players have been begging for
  • Excited for the Halloween Gacha?

    Sherri wrote: »

    Good lord, that's completely ridiculous. Wouldn't it be better just to.. -looks up at the quote chain- .. who the heck would pay over 200m on a sword?!

    he's probably meaning that he spent 10 mil to cover 200m worth of fees over time. enchants make fees high but they are worth it for the dmg output

  • Mabinogi Has Been Taken Over By Ewoks

    I can understand being given a punishment, but I am curious where 'racist' came from tbh. it sounds like the colorful words of a social justice warrior. you know when they call you random BS 'buzz words' like what Hitler was because you don't agree with them 100% on everything? I just hope there's not someone like that modding this forum. I never personally saw Hardmuscle say anything racist so that's why I'm curious. Send out ban & warnings sure... but call people racists and crap when they're not? That's when I'll have a problem with it. So if this is true I'm just kinda...

  • Equipment slots


    this? it's in the shop right now

    that's all there if you were thinking of something else then it does not exist