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  • Your Daily Fashion!

    Hello! Happy New Years! Hope everyone is doing well and I’m ecstatic to post the Elegant Deity Wear (F) as my first outfit for 2019. I saw pictures of the long version in pink and I wanted to get one, the short version this time (longer one was higher price vs shorter one). I already decided on the non-idle pose one since I didn’t really care for the Idle. I wasn’t prepared for how many parts there were LOL. The main part of the dress and middle part was easy enough since that was cloth. The other 3 parts that were all metal, was little tougher. The gem part I used a pink fixed metal dye and a matching one for the gem on the shoes. I managed to to dye both metal parts (though think the sleeves is little darker than the middle part, they both match the shoes weirdly enough) and here’s my result. I was wearing this outfit for over a week with the Peaceful Clutch giving me idle standing pose. I kind of forgot the Rose Ring Halo in some of my pictures but definitely love how the Halo and Dominion Wings (Dyeable) looked with the outfit. Also wore the Autumn Breeze Twin Tail Wig (F), love it with this outfit. I have more pictures up on my Tumblr if interested in seeing. C: Here's hoping for another awesome year of wonderful outfits!



    Outfit: Elegant Deity Wear (F)
    Headpiece: Autumn Breeze Twin Tail Wig (F)
    Shoes: Noblesse Deity Shoes (F)
    Gloves: Lady Waffle Cone Heart Ring
    Accessories: Peaceful Clutch, Rose Ring Halo, Dominion Wings (Dyeable)

  • Mabinogi Campfire Announcements from Dec 1st Event

    Thank you for hosting the Mabinogi Campfire event :) Had a blast and was awesome seeing what updates are coming and seeing everyone. Definitely will try to go again if another event is hosted :D
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    @ArtemisDream Hi Welcome! Sorry it took awhile for me to reply to your post. Calreena is very adorable, love the siren Wing Mask. :) Haven't seen one used in awhile. Lilreena is very cute, love the use of Wood-Rimmed Glasses with the outfit and the colors on the Lace Swimsuit, kind of reminds me of Christmas. :D And its okay, you don't have to list what your character is wearing but definitely appreciate it in case anyone is wondering what you were wearing :D

    @Kidy Hi good to see you again and that's awesome, love the colors on your outfit, very vibrant. :) Especially love the hint of blue of your character's eyes and the matching ring.

    @Chibisai Very cute, I haven't seen anyone wearing that uniform in awhile and love it with those sneakers and definitely agree the Puppy Robe is super cute :D I need to take a picture of mine too haha. Love that you included the giant drumstick :D

    @Megalee The stance cards are pretty awesome, I didn't get any but definitely love how you (and @Chibisai) use them in pictures. Outfit looks awesome especially with the stance pose. :) Thank you for sharing with us!

    @Royalty Congrats on the Special Mist Kimono (F), it definitely is one of my favorites from that gach (though little out of my price range RIP). Glad you were able to find a seller and get it. :) Looks super gorgeous, love it with the 5 Tail Fox Tail and Sparrow Wings <3

    Hello! I’m so glad I decided to wait for the Adventurer Robe (F) to be re-released. Definitely worth the wait, absolutely love it haha. I was wearing the Ferris Outfit underneath and love the adorable pose it gave. I love the Felt Wig (F) with this outfit (probably my new favorite wig haha been wearing it ever since got it). I forgot to take a picture with the hood up but I prefer having my headpiece (or wig) shown.




    Outfit: N/A [Ferris Outfit used for Idle Pose]
    Headpiece: Felt Wig (F)
    Shoes: Lily’s Romantic Winter Boots (F)
    Gloves: Lady Waffle Heart Ring
    Accessories: Adventurer Robe (F), Pink Bunny Tail and Bow
  • Why do you play Mabi?

    My brother invited me to play Mabinogi in 2008, he was a closed beta tester. I stopped playing because I didn't really like how it cost money to rebirth or to do the Generation Quests. I tried it again a few months later when pets were released and brought a basic character card to rebirth my character and get a yellow jindo. I started running dungeon with randoms and made friends so I stayed. I quit for awhile in 2010 and came back in 2012 and been here since. :)

    I definitely love the freedom and customization that this game has. I love being able to dye clothes and wear anything without the usual level or class restrictions some other MMOs have. I love the pets, I missed them while I was gone and I brought ton more since I've been back. Cooking is definitely my favorite skillset though I love combat and just crafting skills in general. Fashion is probably my main thing I do, I love seeing everyone in different styles and outfits and colors and seeing how my own style on my character. The other thing that keeps me around is definitely friends, met some awesome people who made this game fun and want to stick around. Made lots of good memories and I'll be playing forever haha :D (and sunk too much money and time to quit again LOL).
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    @Musicat Yeah :) and haha I can't, it'll drive me nuts not having it dyed pink! Besides the few outfits that can't be dyed at all (SAO Crossover items).

    @Shidoka :) Welcome back again! Love the Pitch Black Uniform, I see the Mortello alot but not that one so much so its nice to see, love the vibrant green you're using and Wiggling Tanuki Ears (Haven't seen those being worn in awhile).

    @Chibisai Good to see you again :D Its okay haha even I get a little busy and don't post as often as I used to. Love the look, especially since that dress is older and not as updated as the newer outfits. It looked really gorgeous in red and love the Asian look! That's awesome that the Fan does that stance, think I might have to pick up a one-handed blunt weapon stance now :D\

    Funny you say that LOL I actually like the pose the Elite Vanguard Uniform gives haha but iffy on how it looks. It looks awesome though how you dyed it and with the chainsaw, definitely loving this gach and its new hand-held weapons with idle poses. :D

    Hello! I had this posted on my Tumblr but didn't get around to posting it here! The Aloha Vacation Outfit (F) is almost the same as the Beach Vacation Outfit (F) except that it comes with a Lei and it has the same idle pose as the Hawaiian Swimsuit (F).It doesn’t give the laying down resting pose though like the Hawaiian Swimsuit. I like the Beach Vacation Pedicure haha first time seeing toes. I did dye the 2nd part brown but saw that it doesn’t really show up on my regular skin that I use so I just dyed both parts shades of pink. The outfit looks similar to the Beach Vacation Outfit (F) but I switched up the shoes and changed to different color ring (love my rings LOL). That and this outfit like the other one, actually has invisible sleeves and cuts off gloves or hides any bracelets RIP.




    Outfit: Aloha Vacation Outfit (F)
    Headpiece: Felt’s Wig [Tanning Shades (Pink Sunburnt Skin) in normal Slot]
    Shoes: Beach Vacation Pedicure
    Gloves: Lady Waffle Cone Heart Ring
    Accessories: Pink Demon Wings