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  • Your Daily Fashion!

    @roastedpig I'll try out some ankle boots again when I take the outfit out :D Thank you for the suggestion and for your kind words. I really love the rooms in that secret cabinet and definitely wanted some cool shots in them.

    Hello! I had this set on my Wishlist for longest time and the only piece I was missing was the Santa Gloves (F). With the Wishing event I finally completed it (I have the hat but wasn’t wearing it). I love that more hand-held props are coming out! This Snowflower Mug was so cute and love the idle pose it gives. First time I think wearing this wig that I got during the first gach release of it. Loving how this outfit came out with everything like wintery and snowflakes and of course had to take it in the snow haha.



    Outfit: Santa Suit (F)
    Headpiece: Fluffy Arctic Fox Wig (F)
    Shoes: Santa Boots (F)
    Gloves: Santa Gloves (F)
    Accessories: Snowflower Mug, Snow Flower Sweet Halo, Pink Mini Wings, Wind-Up Tail
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    Hello, sorry its been awhile. I'm grateful that people are still posting outfits here though so thank you. :) I'll still try to post when I can, if you been following my tumblr you saw that I had posted 2 outfits about a week or so ago. I'll be posting one here now and the other tomorrow if I have time or Saturday.

    @Demoncat Sounds very awesome, would love to see it sometime. Moonlight Attire is very gorgeous and I love seeing how people dye it. :D

    @Nilrem Hello and I agree, I rarely see that outfit around so its nice to see someone wearing it. Love the colors you used to dye it and the Brill heels together with it.

    @Moritales Hello thank you for sharing your beautiful outfit on this thread (and for being your first post). I love the shades of yellow you used and love everything you used with the outfit. :D Its been awhile since I seen someone use that outfit, Large Ribbon and Butterfly wings.

    @Tabari Love the color combo you used with those wings, I definitely don't see them that often (and not sure I seen that color) and looks awesome. Thank you for continuing to post your lovely outfits on here!

    @roastedpig hello and its okay, long as you keep coming back haha. I love how you paired up the bonnet with the water spirit outfit and the colors match very well, I love it. I haven't been able to decide on shoes on mine so its sitting in dressing room (hopefully some new shoes might give me inspiration to get it to work).

    @Servillius I tested the gloves with a trade unlock potion I got from recent hot time event and they don't show up. :( Sorry hopefully more gloves get released soon (or the set gets re-released) so you can compliment your outfit.

    I know its been awhile but hope everyone is having a great 2020! I took these pictures a little bit after the Halloween Event. I really enjoyed the Moonlight Dreams Story and glad that it ended the way it did. I also really liked the character Gillach and so much I tried to do a cosplay of him when he’s a puppet. There’s no Eluned Version of Moonlight Dreams Warlock Wig (M) so I used Eluned Waffle Wizard Wig (F) which looked similar and I already had the Loose-Fit Knitwear. The Halo and Wind-Up Tail are probably my favorite things to wear so I left them on (and thought it seemed fitting). I did get a Gilliach Puppet from the Event Shop though I didn’t have any Mini Dyes to dye him yet. But one day I’ll eventually dye him and show pictures when I do. Hopefully soon I’ll have pictures of two new outfits that I’m excited to show (one was a gift and another one I just got a few days ago that I been wanting).Thank you guys for reading and hope you have a wonderful day/night.



    Outfit: Loose-Fit Knitwear (F)
    Headpiece: Eluned Waffle Wizard Wig (F)
    Shoes: N/A
    Gloves: N/A
    Accessories: Peach Royal Marionette Halo, Wind-Up Tail, Gillach Marionette Figure
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    @Toreishi You're welcome (sorry replying so late DX ) and yes :D Definitely great minds thinking alike haha and they definitely are with free beauty coupons and all these nice direct dyes from events. :) Aww your giant looks gorgeous, especially love that shade of green hair and aww Tani matches very well with her :D Congrats on getting Thick Eyelash Coupon!

    @Vengencia Aw thank you and dang haha that picture is so old, I don't think I even did an outfit with that wig (I think I was supposed to but got super busy and forgot Dx ) and you're welcome :D I thought it was really cool to be wearing matching outfits and so glad you like the Special Sacred Light Coat :) It looks awesome on you!

    Hello Merry Christmas! I meant to post this yesterday but something came up. I got this Battle Maid Long Outfit (F) and the short version as gifts along with the Battle Maid Shoes (F). What I really wanted from the gach was the cooking tools (As a Master Chef, I want to collect everything Cooking related). Gached out the Antique Cooking Pot and friend who also gached was kind to give me the other 3 Antique items I was missing ;O; Bless their soul. I like both versions of the Maid outfits though at the time, I had been wearing the Long version so I took pictures of that one (they look about the same but I’ll take pictures of the shorter version later). I didn’t get the matching gloves so I used the Northern Lights Gauntlets (F) which matched really well. I really liked how the Steamy Hot Spring Wig (F) looked with the outfit (and it was short in the back so could see the new wings I got). Lastly, I love the new Doily and Rune Wings. The Pink Doily Wings (and the Brown ones) were awesome since they both had pink and brown on them. I also happened to find the Pink Rune Wings for cheap and I love how they look at night. Happy Holidays and hope you guys have a awesome Christmas Day!



    Outfit: Battle Maid Long Outfit (F)
    Headpiece: Steamy Hot Spring Wig (F)
    Shoes: Battle Maid Shoes (F)
    Gloves: Northern Lights Gauntlets (F)
    Accessories: Baby Bunny Doll, Pink Doily Wings, Peach Royal Marionette Halo

  • Your Daily Fashion!

    @Musicat Belated response but that's cool too, some outfits look nice in original colors and yeah its still a daily outfit and happy (belated) thanksgiving!

    @Tabari thank you for posting your outfit, I don't see those wings too much and usually not fan of huge wings but I definitely like how they look on you and the colors matching the ribbons on the shoes :) Awesome job on using an older outfit and updating it.

    @Toreishi Hello and I was squinting at the picture for awhile cause I couldn't tell the eyes were two-toned haha they look awesome and loving the colors, very chocolately :D And cute bun bun!

    Hello, I know its almost been a month and I apologize. Thank you to @Tabari and @Toreishi for posting recently. :) I wanted to post more, I really miss seeing mabi fashion and dressing up but that’s not gonna happen right now. There’s some RL stuff that’s keeping me busy (and I’m tired and lazy when I get home OTL) but hoping you will still stick around for when I do have time to post again. :D I got some new outfits and I really wanna share them. This one I’m posting now I’ve been wearing for few weeks since I haven’t really actively trying to get recent outfits (though I did get some things from the Battle Wear Box!). Eluned Special Divine Demigod Wear (F) completes my Eluned Female Outfits (for now till new ones come out). I’ve always been a fan of the male outfit, I didn’t really like the regular female version as much. I finally snagged one after waiting to see if prices would go down (but they just went non-existent for awhile instead). I love it, the idle is probably my favorite part (its slightly different from the males, I think the hands were supposed to shake but they don’t for the female eluned). I decided on Floral Regalia Shoes (F) because I liked how sandals looked with the outfit. I like to keep my character looking feminine while still wearing eluned outfits (though I think I get more confused for male with the Eluned Wigs) so I chose the Winter Royal Elegant Wig (F).I also just got the Colorful Dainty Ribbon Wings but they’re mostly hidden behind the wig. First time using the Abaddon Nobility Gloves (F), I really like how they look right now so I didn’t dye the black part. The day I took pictures of this outfit, I ran into my friend Ven who’s become less active like myself and took some pictures with him. Loving his color combo and glad I had a chance to take pictures with him since its been so long since I taken pictures with anyone. Anyway Happy Holidays and hope everyone is doing well!




    Outfit: Eluned Special Divine Demigod Wear (F)
    Headpiece: Winter Royal Elegant Wig (F)
    Shoes: Floral Regalia Shoes (F)
    Gloves: Abaddon Nobility Gloves (F)
    Accessories: Colorful Dainty Ribbon Wings, Rose Ring Halo

    Thank you if you read all that LOL if not, oh well six words: I'll post when I have time
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    @Musicat I'd love to see how you dyed the buyable one and oh I meant this outfit I'm about to post, didn't think you'd like the Magician outfit too much. A different mask would probably go better with the outfit but I didn't look too much into buy multiple masks (most were a bit out of my price range). I get on occasionally, hoping to become more active around November and December (Black Friday and Christmas always have good sales and events). Ah I don't recognize the character but cosplay characters are always fun to see in games. Great job! :)

    @Tabari Very cute, loving the colors on the Cleric Robe Outfit! :)

    @Kensamaofmari I saw your post on the screenshot contest, very cool! Don't see alot of armor outfits so its always nice to see the few that are posted (including Tabari's!) Good luck with outfit boxes, I just throw them in dressing room if I don't use them.

    @Nilrem Its all good, hello! Very cool Succubus look :) Yeah I think the wings on the succubus bodywear would be distracting but if dyed the same color as wings (like Incubus), it definitely disappears, awesome job on it :) Yeah kind of poop that some tails clip with certain outfits.

    Hello! Sorry its been a long while (again), seems like everyone I know (including myself) have been playing Mabi less. Well I been on but mostly afk RIP. I do wanna get back into posting more outfits since I been slacking on it alot, especially on my thread on forums. :C No promises but I’ll do my best hopefully (come on D< no more lazy, more active darn self!) and I apologize if my descriptions is little shorter, sometimes I don’t know what to write but it just depends on the outfit.

    My character is little chubby from the food during the Music Box Event and I thought she looked pretty cute in the Urban Classic Wear (F) and the adorable pose.I’m glad they released the Everyday Hat and Wig (F) and Everyday Wig (F), thought it looked awesome with this outfit. Also got Morfyd’s Research Boots (F) which I really like the look of (Didn’t get outfit or wig though RIP). Decided against wearing Wings or a Tail so the back bow of the outfit can be seen.

    Also Happy Halloween! :) Everyone stay safe and have a fun night!



    Outfit: Urban Classic Wear (F)
    Headpiece: Everyday Hat and Wig (F)
    Shoes: Morfyd’s Research Boots
    Gloves: Urban Classic Ring (F)
    Accessories: Cat Face Mask